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Structural aspects
  • Introduction (clearly states the topic and how it will be dealt with)
  • Links between paragraphs / sections (implicit / explicit connectors)
  • Conclusion (refers to topic, based on evidence provided)
Coverage of your topic
  • Have you answered the question?
  • Have you covered the topic in sufficient depth?
Analysis and Argument
  • Have you provided adequate analysis?
  • Do you demonstrate an independent, original approach?
  • Is your argument thorough, with evidence and supporting information
  • Are thought relationships clear?
  • Are headings clear and concise?
Citations, quotations, paraphrasing
  • Are there too many / too few?
  • Are they all reliable, representative sources?
  • Are the paraphrases really in your own words?
Referencing information
  • Are all sources listed in the bibliography / list of references?
  • Are all reference details complete?
  • Are they presented in the required style?
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