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Speculative and hypothetical writing

In reflective writing you may be asked to speculate about the future, or about a hypothetical situation. For example, you may be asked to comment on whether you would like to practice in a rural area in your future career.

Notice in the example below the movement between past and present tenses, and the use of 'would' when speculating about the future.

Example 5

Although my rural placement was a very positive experience, I would not like to work in the country when I first graduate. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, being a country doctor is more challenging – you do not have the support networks available in the city, so you have to cope with many different situations. Also, you have less privacy. In the country I would have to behave as the local doctor all the time, 24 hours a day. There would not be an opportunity to just be myself and not worry about what people think. Living in the country I would be far away from my family, and might feel lonely for that reason. Finally, I would have to focus on general practice, whereas my interest lies in more specialized areas of medicine.

Example 6

As soon as I started there, I could see that having a good working relationship with the nurses would make my job much easier, and would possibly result in better health care for patients.

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