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Checking your work

These are the last stages before you submit the report. Read what you have written – aloud if possible. If anything is unclear to you it will be unclear to the reader.

Checking your work
Content Complete?
1. Is the title clear and informative?
2. Is your work placed in context?
3. Is the topic or problem stated clearly?
4. Is the theoretical framework outlined?
5 Are any research hypotheses stated clearly?

Structure Complete?
1. Does the structure follow the requirements of the subject?
2. Does the introduction outline the importance of the work and provide the necessary background information?
3. Does the method section explain what was done and how it was done?
4. Does the result section explain what was found?
5. Does the discussion section interpret and explain the results?
6. Does the conclusion summarise the method and results, discuss the implications of the results and suggest improvements in future research?
7. Does the reference list include only the references you have actually used?

Format Complete?
1. Is the format appropriate for the discipline and the task?
2. Are the headings uniform and spaced consistently?
3. Are the figures, tables and diagrams clearly labelled and appropriately placed?
4. Have you referred to all the figures, diagrams and graphs you have included?
5. Have you acknowledged the source of all figures, diagrams and graphs you have obtained from other writers?

Style Complete?
1. Is the writing clear, concise and objective?
2. Is the writing fluent?
3. Are the style of sentences and the vocabulary appropriate to the discipline and the topic?
4. Have you checked that you have not used emotive language such as 'This is a really exciting result.'?
5. Have you demonstrated your understanding of the sources you have used?
6. Have you made sure that you have not used colloquial language such as 'We got these answers.'?

Grammar, spelling and punctuation
Grammar, spelling and punctuation Complete?
1. Is the grammar of all the sentences correct?
2. Are the tenses used appropriately?
3. Are all the words spelled correctly?
4. Are punctuation marks used correctly?
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