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Welcome to our Faculty

  • Professor Christina Mitchell

    "We want to improve the human condition. That is our vision - it has no expiration date."

Welcome to Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

We want to improve the human condition. That is our vision - it has no expiration date. Through academic health centres and other translational models and by educating the healthcare workforce of the future, our staff, students and alumni directly improve quality of life.

This Faculty is the largest at Monash, and also the one that offers the most comprehensive suite of professional health training in Victoria, Australia. We consistently rank in the top 40 universities worldwide for clinical, pre-clinical and health sciences.

We aim to maintain our position as a leading international medical research university, recognised for the breadth and depth of our research, for our commitment to translational research, for the quality and scale of our research capability, and as a thriving biotechnology hub. This Faculty has already contributed to advances in many crucial areas: in vitro fertilisation, obesity research, drug design, cardiovascular physiology, functional genomics, infectious diseases, inflammation, psychology, neurosciences and mental health. A key driver of this success has been our ability to forge strong, sustained partnerships from local entrepreneurs and industry to governments and other research institutions around the world.

Monash is a global university, spread across four continents. However, the local communities within which we live and work matter to us deeply. We recognise that issues of diversity, inclusion and access are global challenges, and empower our staff and students to improve outcomes at a local level. This faculty is committed to promoting a culture that ensures equal opportunity for women in the workplace. Here in Australia, we work with Indigenous people to achieve their health equity and to develop capacity so more Indigenous Australians can join the health care workforce of tomorrow.

Monash is the only Australian member of the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centres, a network of international organisations committed to improving global health through research collaboration.

Professor Christina Mitchell, Academic Vice-President and Dean, Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences