Dr Keshav Malhotra

Dr Keshav Malhotra - Master of Clinical Embryology

Dr Keshav Malhotra

At only 25, Dr Keshav Malhotra is rapidly making a name for himself in assisted reproduction.

After completing a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in his home country of India, Keshav first became interested in embryology during an internship in Singapore. Following the recommendations of his mentors, he was drawn to the Monash Master of Clinical Embryology: “the first thing everyone said was the amount of hands-on experience that you get here is incomparable.”

Making the move to Melbourne for a year, Keshav loved every moment of his Monash experience. “What was really exciting was the number of opportunities provided to all of us as students” he remembers, “the staff really cared about our professional development.” Opportunities to present at industry conferences and take part in research projects all helped elevate Keshav’s profile while still studying. Importantly, with the extensive practical experience gained during his degree Keshav was ready to start his career as an embryologist immediately upon graduation. “Within a month I was managing individual cases, all because of the training at Monash, which really boosted my skill level”.

Now lab director and embryologist at Rainbow IVF, Keshav manages multiple labs in Delhi and Agra and credits Monash with his career achievements: “the demand for embryologists in India is ever-rising, and having a degree and training from one of the best universities in the world really worked wonders for me”. Keshav’s specialist knowledge enables him to now train local clinicians in assisted reproductive technology. He is also an in-demand presenter at industry conferences, both in India and abroad and serves on the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE) and Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR) committees, playing an important role in quality control and accreditation in the field.

“Studying at Monash has really brought me to the centre stage in my country.”