Jessica Yamin

Jessica Yamin - Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Jessica Yamin

A PASSION for helping people has led Jessica Yamin to fulfil her career goals of becoming a physiotherapist.

Jessica, now a Grade Two Physiotherapist in public health, completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Monash University in 2011.

She now works in rehabilitation and is also a supervisor for physiotherapy students on placement.

“Placements in uni have really helped me in the workplace, but also help relate and support students on placement,” Jessica said.

“The people I have met have also continued to support me in my career as it feels like everyone knows each other in the field.”

Jessica chose to study at Monash for a number of reasons, including the “interactive and practical” course, the location and the smaller cohort.

“Being a smaller cohort you get to know everyone and the lecturers really enjoy their work and keep reviewing the course based on feedback and recent evidence,” she said.

“All the students in my cohort were great and the uni staff really supported us during the course of our degree. Uni can be pretty stressful at times but we got through it and the different opportunities, like getting a travel placement scholarship, showed me how health is supported by different institutions.”

Jessica said her advice to future students considering studying at Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, was that even though juggling study and work could be hard at times because of dealing with people when they were “most sick and stressed”, it was well worth it.

“You work with like-minded, caring people who give their time up to help people get better and everyone always has an interesting story to them. Also having a mentor and senior physios can help guide your career.”

When she looked to the future, Jessica said she hoped to still be using her physiotherapy skills, whether it was in public health or education.

“I'm not really sure but I feel there are a lot of different opportunities to use my skill set even if it's not being a physiotherapist.”