Vanessa Webb

Vanessa Webb - Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedics)

Vanessa Webb

THE option of being able to combine her two chosen degrees at Monash University is what sealed the deal for Vanessa Webb.

Now a registered nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Vanessa said studying at Monash gave her the “competitive edge” both professionally and personally.

Vanessa completed a Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedics) in 2012 and said her dual qualification as a health professional had allowed her a much wider range of career opportunities.

While at Monash, Vanessa undertook a clinical hospital and paramedic placement and said they were the “single best thing” about her study.

“They introduced me to a broader section of the vulnerable community whom I might not otherwise cross paths with; the elderly, the Indigenous, the homeless, the new migrants and the drug addicts,” Vanessa said.

“They taught me about the real world outside of my insulated tertiary bubble and taught me what human respect and dignity really meant.”

Vanessa’s fondest memory from her time studying at Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences was discovering what it was to love learning purely for learnings sake.

“When you love what you study external success ratings suddenly seem less important than the joy of realising today you knew something more than you did yesterday.”

Vanessa said she hoped to eventually specialise in oncology and palliative medicine because she believed as a society, quality of life was the most important discussion everyone needed to have.

When asked what advice she would give to prospective students, Vanessa said if people couldn’t change their situation, they should change their attitude.

“Sometimes you don’t get the top mark, the best placement, your first preference job option. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it just means maybe now wasn’t your time. Don’t let it drag you down, use it as a fire to keep driving you forwards.”