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Jeremy Grummet

Improved prostate cancer management vital for older men

With an exponentially ageing population and lengthening life expectancy, the burden of prostate cancer cancer – already a disease of older males – is going to be massive, says Monash University Associate Professor Jeremy Grummet.

Clinical Sciences
Jae Lee

Congratulations to Dr Jae Young Lee on Dean's award for outstanding PhD thesis

Congratulations to recent CCS PhD graduate, Dr Jae Young Lee, who is the inaugural awardee of the Dean's Award for Doctoral Thesis Excellence 2016!

Clinical Sciences
2017 Wilkinson-Berka group

Congratulations to Prof Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka on JRDF Research Grant

Congratulations to Professor Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka, head of the Retinopathy Laboratory, Department of Diabetes, who has been awarded a three-year JRDF Research Grant to work for a project on T cells & diabetic retinopathy.

Clinical Sciences
Durga Mithraprabhu

Congratulation to Durga Mithraprabu on James & Elsie Borrowman Grant

Congratulations to Dr Durga Mithraprabu, who has been awarded funding for five years from the James and Elsie Borrowman Research Trust for her project.

Clinical Sciences
From left to right: Dr Andrew Major, Dr Claire Hirst and Associate Professor Craig Smith

Discovery of why emus are grounded takes flight

Research led by Associate Professor Craig Smith, a group leader at the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, has helped solve the mystery of how emus became flightless, identifying a gene involved in the development and evolution of bird wings.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute

Monash University collaboration to improve stroke care in India

Monash University researchers are members of an international collaboration seeking to improve outcomes for patients with stroke in India.

Clinical Sciences
Martelotto Luciano

Monash researcher sheds light on therapy resistance in cancer

Collaborative research including Monash University has uncovered the principles behind why some tumours may become resistant to targeted therapies, paving the way for new and more effective cancer treatments.

Clinical Sciences

Monash University State of the Art Simulation Facility to Train Students for Pediatric Emergencies

A new world-class facility at Monash Children’s Hospital is preparing the next generation of paediatricians and paediatric surgeons to predict, prevent and manage emergencies in a busy hospital environment.

Clinical Sciences