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Stroke Foundation Grant makes remote therapy a possibility


Stroke Foundation Grant makes remote therapy a possibility

1 March 2017

Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN) and Monash-Epworth Rehabilitation Research Centre (MERRC) researcher, Dr Dana Wong, has been awarded a one-year Stroke Foundation Small Project Grant, to fund her important project, “Telehealth delivery of memory rehabilitation following stroke”.

Stroke Foundation grants are awarded based on the charity’s priority areas, including improving the delivery of high quality stroke care. Dr Wong’s project is the first of its kind to investigate the efficacy of telehealth as a rehabilitation delivery mode for stroke survivors with memory difficulties. MICCN and MERRC researchers, Dr Rene Stolwyk and Professor Jennie Ponsford are collaborators on the project, along with Doctor of Psychology student David Lawson, and Associate Professor Dominique Cadilhac from the School of Clinical Sciences.

The study hopes to have major positive implications for patients encountering geographic, mobility, or cost-related barriers to accessing rehabilitation services.

“If these barriers can be overcome by using telehealth delivery, a far greater number of stroke survivors would have the chance to access help for memory problems. Improving everyday memory can also increase the ability to work, function independently, and live a meaningful life, which would result in significant cost savings to health services and the community”, explained Dr Wong. “Our work is also important for improving long-term follow-up and support to survivors of stroke, for whom memory difficulties are one of the greatest areas of unmet need in Australia.”

MICCN congratulates Dr Wong on her success.

For more information on Dr Wong’s research, contact her on t: 03 9905 3933, e:

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