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The MIME seed fund was established in 2015 to accelerate the development of new medical technologies that address significant unmet clinical needs. The inaugural round was designed to lay the foundations for the collaborative framework of MIME, by encouraging early clinician involvement in identifying  areas  of significant clinical need, so that our research effort could be directed to areas where greatest impact could be achieved. The program was aimed at building and strengthening collaborative relationships between MNHS clinicians in Monash's partner hospitals and researchers in the Faculties of  Engineering  and IT, as well as reaching out to researchers in other disciplines and partner organisations. Finally the program helps build a pipeline of medical technologies and eHealth solutions, aimed at clinically relevant problems that can be taken forward onto the next stage of development in partnership  with  funding agencies, investors, donors, industry and hospitals.

Building on the success of the inaugural 2015 MIME Seed Fund round, the 2016 MIME Seed Fund round has proven to be an overwhelming success with 57 unmet clinical need statements submitted by our clinicians as part of phase 1 of the program. In phase 2 of the program, where researchers and clinicians  came  together to submit joint research proposals, we received over 43 applications in total. After extensive review and interviews, over $800 000 in seed funding has been awarded, and a further $150 000 co-committed by CSIRO.

We would like to thank all clinicians who submitted an unmet clinical need and all researchers and clinicians who submitted a project proposal. We extend our congratulations to the top sixteen successful project teams listed below.

We look forward to the 2017 MIME Seed Fund round being as successful. Details regarding the 2017 round will be available on the MIME website early in 2017.

ID Title of Project Clinical Champion Collaborators
51 Robotic transperineal prostate cancer biopsy  A/Prof Jeremy Grummet  Lead CI Dr Chao Chen (eng)
33 Enhancing colonoscopic visualisation and control Dr Mayur Garg

Lead CI Dr Song Chaoyang (eng)

Additional Team:

Prof Sunita Chauhan (eng)

57 3D-bioprinted scaffold of trapezium in basal thumb arthritis management Prof Julian Smith

Lead CI Laurence Meagher (eng)

Additional Team:

Dr Andrey Molotnikov (eng), Dr Jessica Frith (eng), A/Prof David Hunter-Smith (med), Dr Warren Rozen (med), Dr Michael P. Chae (med), Prof Graham Jenkin (Monash Health), Prof Anthony Atala (Wake Forest Institute), Dr Sean V Murphy (Wake Forest School of Medicine), Dr Kanika Jain (Hudson Institute)

9 Jaundiced infants-Expanding Home Care Dr Katrina Harris

Lead CI Prof Wei Shen (eng)

Additional Team:

Dr Charles Barfield (Monash Medical Centre), Dr James Doery (Monash Medical Centre), Dr Liyuan Zhang, Ms Amanda Vantin (Monash Medical Centre), Dr Stephen Wang (MADA), Dr Mark Bown (CSIRO), Dr Jenny O’Connell (CSIRO), Dr Andrew Scully (CSIRO), Dr Chris Dunn (CSIRO)

6 Rational mesh design for urogynaecological surgery A/Prof Anna Rosamilia

Clinical Champion A/Prof Anna Rosamilia (med)

Lead CI A/Prof Caroline Gargett (med)

Additional Team

Prof Chris Davies (eng), Professor Jerome Werkmeister (CSIRO),Dr Dayalan Gunasegaram (CSIRO), Dr Sharon Edwards (CSIRO)

25Surface modifications prevent driveline infectionProf David McGiffinLead CL A/Prof John  Forsythe (eng)

Additional Team

Prof Laurence Meagher (eng), Dr Yue Qu (eng), Dr Helmut Thissen (CSIRO)
21Monitoring back movement and function Prof Flavia CicuttiniLead CL Dr Pari Delir Haghighi (IT)

Additional Team

Prof Frada Burstein (IT), Dr Stephen Jia Wang (MADA), Prof Wenlong Cheng (eng) 
39 The Diabetic Sensate Footwear Project Dr Alan Saunder

Lead CI Prof Jon McCormack (IT)

Additional Team

Prof Mark Armstrong (MADA), Prof Daphne Flynn (MADA), Prof Arthur de Bono (MADA), Tina Dinh (MADA), Kieran John (MADA), Adam Blake (Blundstone Australia)

18a Personalizing cancer treatments Prof Magdalena Plebanski, Prof Tom Jobling

Lead CI Prof Magdalena Plebanski (med)

Additional Team

Dr Simon Corrie (eng), A/Prof Tom Jobling (Monash Health), Dr Andrew Stephens (Hudson)

20 Cardiovascular Modeling with MRI A/Prof Andrew Taylor

Lead CI Prof Murray Rudman (eng)

Additional Team

Prof Mark Thompson (eng), Dr Ben Costello (Baker), Dr Sina Sinaie (eng), A/Prof Andre La Gerche (Baker)

37 Risk-adjusted reporting intensive care efficiency Prof David Pilcher, Senior Intensivist, Alfred Intensive Care Unit, & Chair of ANZICS Centre for Outcomes and Resource Evaluation

Lead CI Prof Geoff Webb (IT)
Additional Team

Dr Christoph Bergmeir (IT), Dr Lahn Straney (med)

​32a ​​3D printer hand prostheses ​Dr Lisa O'Brien, State Convenor (Vic/Tas) of Australian Hand Therapy Association special interest group Lead CI Dr Chao Chen (eng)
2 ​Health behaviours in dysglycaemia Prof Christopher Gilfillan, Director of Endocrinology

Lead CI Prof Sunita Chauhan (eng)

Additional Team

Dr Faezeh Marzbanrad (eng), Prof Frada Burstein (IT), Dr Sarah Boyd (IT), Prof Daphne Flynn (MADA)

4 Virtual reality social cognitive training Prof Paul Fitzgerald, Professor of Psychiatry, Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre

Lead CI Prof Jon McCormack (IT)

Additional Team

Elliott Wilson (IT), Mike Yeats, Patrick Hutchings (IT)

50 ​3D printed arm splints A/Prof Jim Buttery, Research Director, Monash Children's Hospital

Lead CI Dr Andrey Molotnikov (eng)

Additional Team

Prof Chris Davies (eng)

7b Burn wound management: Bioactive technology Dr Heather Cleland Director, Victorian Adult Burns Service

Lead CI Dr Jess Frith (eng)

Additional Team

Prof Laurence Meagher (eng), Prof Neil Cameron (eng) Dr Rebecca Lim (med), A/Prof Mikaël Martino (med)