Life through a prism

You already track your steps, your sleep and your calories. Now you can track your mood. A team from Monash, with funding from mental health organisation beyondblue has created the smartphone app MoodPrism.

Wellbeing and mindfulness apps are common. The Monash-created Smiling Mind, for example, received international acclaim for bringing mindfulness meditation to almost one million mobile phones.

MoodPrism, though, has a simpler interface. Each day, it prompts you to answer a few questions about how you’re feeling. If you’re low, MoodPrism will suggest tools and websites that may help, but fundamentally it’s a tracker, capturing and colour-coding your moods and empowering you to look for patterns or triggers over time.

These ‘mood histories’ have other uses for Monash researchers. While the users remain anonymous, MoodPrism collects the data.