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Monash University began its highly respected work in injury prevention research  with the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) in 1987. A partnership between the Victorian government and Monash, MUARC was a global pioneer in research into injury and trauma.

MUARC rapidly expanded. It then joined other Monash researchers and groups to form the Monash Injury Research Institute, or MIRI.

In 2016 MIRI returned to the MUARC brand.

MUARC continues to lead research in injury safety. Our expertise is enhanced by our collaboration with researchers from across Monash University.

As a result of this journey, MUARC is one of the world's most comprehensive accident and injury prevention research centres underpinned by scientific and academic excellence.

Our future is exciting, as we continue to build on the substantial research and leadership achievements of our first 30 years. 

Halving Victoria's road death toll

  • Our research and strong partnerships with the TAC and Victoria Police have led to successful initiatives targeting drink driving and speeding. This has halved road fatalities in Victoria.

Keeping kids safe

  • We have strongly advocated for the development of Australian safety standards for nursery products most associated with injury. We made a substantial contribution to the Infant and Nursery Product Association of Australian (INPAA) Code of Safe Practice.

Safer farms

  • Since the mid-1990s, we have conducted invaluable research into farm safety, including work that helped underpin a major benchmark program to retrofit roll over protective structures on tractors in Victoria.

The ageing challenge

  • Our researchers have been involved in falls prevention studies since our foundation in the 1980s. Major health organisations in the US and UK have endorsed the successful falls prevention program we evaluated in partnership with a Victorian local government.

Annual Reports