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October 2017

Date Media outlet Press release
Oct 27Geelong IndyBarriers to safety appear hard-wired to hinder: MP
Oct 15Western AdvocateOUR SAY: Mitchell Highway’s horrible fatal record needs looking at
Editorial argues that MUARC findings from more than a decade ago are “worth transposing over the examination of the Mitchell Highway’s dreadful record for fatal accidents.”
Oct 12 6PR, Perth Interview with Dr Amanda Stephens, about Australians' attitudes toward road rage
Parker says Stephens co-wrote of a study from the Monash University Accident Research Centre. Stephens says they sampled almost three thousand Australian drivers and asked them how often they honked their horn to show their anger. She notes they found 18% of their samples said they had the intention of chasing down the driver to show their anger. She discusses what their research found. She says it comes down to blaming people for the situations they are in. She thinks it is great that they are now discussing aggressive driving and road rage. She shares tips on how to channel feelings of anger on the road. She says aggression is related to drink driving and speeding. They have also been looking at attitudes behind drink driving and speeding. She notes that people should think about the knock on effects of aggression to others.
Oct 12 Children bereaved by family violence need our support
Oct 12 West Australian Ugly truth of the road-rage driver
Oct 11 Channel 9 WA 'A Monash University research has found 86% of WA drivers admit they rage on the roads. This includes honking horns and chasing drivers. Experts worry this culture of aggressive driving is getting worse. Amanda Stephens, Accident Research Centre Research Fellow, Monash University, says majority of Australian drivers have been aggressive at some stage with men between 22-29 as the worst offenders.'
Oct 11 New Zealand Herald Smart cars could save lives - study
Oct 11 Otago Daily Times Wirelessly linked cars would save many lives
Smart technology enabling cars to talk to other vehicles could save hundreds of people being killed or injured on our roads each year, new research has found. Co-operative Intelligent Transport Systems (Cits) allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, traffic signals and roadside infrastructure.
Oct 11 Automated driving key to reducing serious road trauma injuries, study shows
Oct 11 Radio New Zealand Get rid of the driver for safer roads
'David Logan of Monash University says the answer to death and crashes on our roads is autonomous vehicles.'
Oct 10 ABC Online Smart cars decrease serious crashes, but high take up necessary: report
Oct 10 New research underlines safety perks of autonomous driving and connectivity
Oct 9 TAC Young Drivers Safer With Graduated Licensing
Oct 7 Central Western Daily Highway's horrid record needs looking at
Oct 6 The Daily Advertiser Research is big step in the right direction
Oct 5 Robinvale Sentinel Meet Graham at Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery
Oct 5 JOY 94.9 'New research found by the Monash University Accident Research Centre has found children, who lost their parents to domestic violence, are often more psychologically damaged than previously thought and they hope to raise awareness.'
Oct 4Today Tonight
Channel 7 WA
Does your family car get the tick of approval in RAC's safety ratings?

September 2017

Date Media outlet Press release
Sep 30 Weekend Herald, Auckland Spotlight on car safety
What are Used Car Safety Ratings?
Sep 26 The Guardian Graham to stop by Swan Hill
Sep 26 6PR, Perth, Mornings at 10:06 Interview with Associate Professor Stuart Newstead
Parker says Newstead is part of research that looked into the safety record of ... cars available for sale in Australia. Newstead says the ratings were derived by analysing real world crash outcomes. He states they look at the holistic performance of the car and protecting injuries. He says they also collect information on the person driving the car and the crash environment.
Sep 26 ABC News, Sydney, News Breakfast at 06:38 Interview with Michael Case, Vehicle Engineering Manager, RACV
Case says the program has analysed 7.5 million crashes since 1987, enabling the Monash University Accident Research Centre to rate almost 400 vehicles on a safety rating. He says the better performing vehicles don't necessarily cost more. He says there is a 5 star rating vehicle in every market segment of the study. He says 15 different organisations throughout Australia and NZ combined to fund the research.
Sep 24 The Sunday Times Mazda6, Honda CR-V among safer old cars
Sep 22ABC Radio MelbourneInterview with Associate Professor Stuart Newstead. Host Jon Faine interviews Assoc Prof Newstead about the latest Used Car Safety Ratings.
Sep 22 The Daily Telegraph Is your car safe in a crash?
Sep 22 Herald Sun Best and Worst Used Cars
Sep 22 The Courier Mail Crunching the crash numbers
Sep 22 Townsville Bulletin Research reveals safest cars
Sep 22 Northern Miner Safest Used Cars
Sep 15RACV RoyalAutoMistakes happen, deaths don’t have to
Double-page article on MUARC's 30-year anniversary.
Sep 13 St George & Sutherland Shire Leader, Sydney Easy to check on safety in used cars
Sep 8ABC Central VictoriaBreathalyser and random breath testing pioneer Jack Thomas farewelled in Echuca, aged 91
Prof Brian Fildes provides historical perspective on Victoria’s road toll and RBT as part of a feature article about the passing of John 'Jack' Thomas.
Sep 8 Waikato Times, Hamilton Waikato, New Zealand Car buyers 'deserve' better info
Sep 7ABC Radio SydneyAssociate Professor Stuart Newstead interviewed on ABC Sydney's ‘Drive’ program with Richard Glover about the latest Used Car Safety Ratings.
Sep 6 AutoFile, New Zealand 2017 car safety guide released
Sep 5City of YarraYarra to introduce 30kmh speed trial
Yarra Council implements trial of 30km/h speed limits in parts of Fitzroy and Collingwood, citing findings of a report from MUARC.
Sep 5 The Courier, Ballarat Courier Road Rage
Sep 1 AutoFile, New Zealand Safety Ratings Key to Sales

August 2017

Date Media outlet Press release
August 4 Border Mail Child in vehicle during car rage
August 2 Benalla Ensign Electronic Stability Control (ESC) saves lives

July 2017

Date Media outlet Press release
July 30 Weekend Sunrise Channel 7 Road rage on the rise
July 26 3AW Mornings Regular Segment: Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Psychologist
'Caller Russell says he was driving on the Monash Fwy in February when a truck driver pushed him into the second lane and proceeded to abuse him. He says the driver then pushed him into the emergency lane, kept braking him front of him and started throwing raw eggs at his car. He says it's getting worse and there is no police presence to do anything about it. Carr-Gregg says the Monash University Accident Research Centre reports 86% of us admit to feeling aggressive while driving, and 20% have admitted to chasing cars when we feel they've done something wrong. He questions whether sleep deprivation, alcohol and drugs or the congested roads is to blame.'
July 25 Melville Times Verging on the outrageous
July 24 6PR Drive (PERTH) 'Daniel says people who live in near speed bumps hate them. Monash University Accident Research Centre says speed bumps just makes accident worse.'
July 21 Centralian Advocate Australia could be 'road rage capital' of the world: study
July 21 WHAT'S ON Castlemaine Mail Graham exhibit - Castlemaine Art Museum
'Dr David Logan, Graham, is a sober reminder of just how vulnerable the human body is.'
July 21 ABC TV - The Link - Stan Grant 'Grant says Monash University's Accident Research Centre said around 90% of Australian admit to some form of road rage.' Watch here.
July 21 2UE Radio 'Interview with Monash University Accident Research Centre Associate Professor Michael Fitzharris. Fitzharris says most drivers cannot stand traffic, citing new research from Monash University Accident Research Centre which reveals 87% of Victorian drivers expressed anger on the road while a staggering 18% deliberately chased down another driver to intimidate them.' Listen here.
July 19 East Gippsland New Push for lifesaving safety technology
July 19 Weekly Times Now Farm accidents affect 500 children, sparking calls for safety checks
July 5 WAM Emirates News Agency RTA realigns child safety programme with law amendments
July 4 Gippsland Times & Maffra Spectator Road deaths 'could have been prevented'
July 1 Riverine Herald ESC and airbags 'save lives'

June 2017

Date Media outlet Press release
June 28 Nurmurkah Leader Stability control saves lives
June 26 CREATIVE VICTORIA Piccinini's Meet Graham is saving lives and winning Lions
June 25 The Age Forty-one Victorian lives would have been saved last year by this one safety measure
June 25 The Sunday Age How 41 lives could have been saved
June 25 Victorian Labor Electronic stability control, saves lives
June 25 Safeguard New Zealand Critical risk