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The workplace is a vast and diverse arena, presenting a significant challenge for injury prevention. Much of our work in this area focuses on developing safe systems through understanding human abilities and weakness (or errors), and the environments in which people work. This systems approach gives us a framework for research in which the individual is considered as part of the system in which they operate.

We are currently expanding our research efforts in occupational injury, and have established the Workplace Injury Prevention Unit (WIPU) to harness the multi-disciplinary research skills found throughout MUARC.

This brings together experts in human factors, epidemiology, engineering and statistics who can understand the causes and patterns of workplace injury, develop and implement potential solutions, and undertake evaluation.

This research is built on the foundation of relationships we have established with relevant industry bodies, including WorkSafe Victoria and other government agencies, insurers, regulators and non-government organisations.

Our Achievements

Project Funded by Lead Researchers Outcomes

Employer Performance Management Plan (EPMP)

Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR)

Associate Professor Stuart Newstead

Professor Lesley Day

Associate Professor Michael Leanne

Professor Rod McClure

MUARC researchers completed an evaluation of a WorkSafe Victoria program to achieve sustainable occupational health and safety improvements within large organisations.

The Employer Performance Management Program involved intensive audits and data collection from participant organisations which were combined to create a comprehensive performance report indentifying the strengths and opportunities for improvement within the workplace.

The evaluation showed that action plans did reflect issues identified in the performance report, and that some organizations implemented their action plans, effecting changes to the management of OHS. Participant organizations valued the program and would recommend it to others.

The evaluation identified factors influencing the management of health, safety and injury, and aspects of the program that could be considered for future directions. Further details on the EPMP evaluation and its results can be found in the Final Full Report.

Review of musculoskeletal disorder interventions Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR) Associate Professor Lesley Day Musculoskeletal disorders comprise approximately 40% of workers compensation claims in Victoria. MUARC researchers are undertaking a review of the evidence regarding interventions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, to inform strategic research and prevention directions.