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  • About Lectures Online

    Monash University Lectures Online uses Echo360 to record lectures.

    You can stream or download the recording soon after the lecture is finished.

    Recorded lectures are subject to copyright regulations.

    You should not rely totally on this service as an alternative to attending lectures. Occasionally, technical difficulties with this type of technology will lead to recording failures.

  • Known issues

    Problem logging in?

    To log into Echo360, use your Monash user name - the part of your email to the left of the @ sign, not the full email address.
    e.g. If your email address is, your Echo360 login would be test1, (not

    Also check for odd characters in the password

    If you have a space or other uncommon character in your password, this may cause an error when logging in to Echo360. Try changing your password using and logging in again.