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This Faculty has chosen to record lectures for ALL units unless the lecturer has chosen to 'opt-out'.

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APG4400Issues in international communications
APG5018Celebrity, fashion, publicity
APG5042Practices of teaching Englishes for intercultural communication
APG5045Gender and development
APG5046General linguistics
APG5050Communication research methods
APG5095Research and writing
APG5096The new newsroom
APG5327Wars of recognition: Terrorism and political violence
APG5332Security and securitisation
APG5348Second language acquisition
APG5401Media empires and entrepreneurs
APG5426Environmental analysis
APG5428Environmental governance and citizenship
APG5434Sustainability measurement
APG5609Sustainable tourism development and planning
APG5640Journalism in society
APG5642Investigative journalism
APG5805Project planning and management in international development
APG5885Advanced interpreting
ATS1002Chinese introductory 2
ATS1040Religions and the modern world
ATS1062French introductory 2
ATS1089Fundamentals of journalism
ATS1090Practice of journalism
ATS1092German introductory 2
ATS1172Korean introductory 2
ATS1192Spanish introductory 2
ATS1203Magic, science and spirituality
ATS1222Italian introductory 2
ATS1248Ancient civilisations 2
ATS1250Cross cultural interactions on the colonial frontier
ATS1259Exploring contemporary Australia
ATS1262Introduction to social behaviour
ATS1264Biotechnology, justice and the law
ATS1269Latin introductory 2
ATS1280Communications and society
ATS1282Criminal justice: An introduction
ATS1288Performance in context II
ATS1292English as an International Language: International Communication
ATS1298Professional writing
ATS1304Contemporary television studies
ATS1309The Global Challenge
ATS1315Human rights theory 2
ATS1317Renaissance Europe
ATS1321Nations at war 2: revolutions in the twentieth century
ATS1326Contemporary worlds 2
ATS1339Describing and analysing language and communication
ATS1346Music and culture
ATS1366The individual and society
ATS1371Life, death and morality (Introduction to philosophy A) (Semester 1, 2016)
ATS1701Terrorism and political violence: An introduction
ATS1835Time, self, and mind (introduction to philosophy B)
ATS1835Time, self, and mind (introduction to philosophy B) (Semester 2, 2015)
ATS1904Reading the city: Literary genres
ATS1940Chinese translation 2
ATS1945Australian government and politics
ATS1960The Jews in the modern world
ATS2002Chinese introductory 2
ATS2004Chinese intermediate 2
ATS2006Chinese proficient 2
ATS2020Colonialism in comparison: Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific
ATS2040Understanding contemporary China
ATS2064French intermediate 2
ATS2083Bread and circuses: Understanding Roman culture
ATS2088Russia and the US: Comparative politics
ATS2094German intermediate 2
ATS2096German proficient 2
ATS2110Slavery: A history
ATS2144Japanese intermediate 2
ATS2146Japanese proficient 2
ATS2163The writing self: Creative nonfiction
ATS2194Spanish intermediate 2
ATS2250Communications and cultures in the global era
ATS2255Smartphone journalism
ATS2256Political psychology
ATS2257Long-form television: "HBO" and beyond
ATS2351The archaeology of death in ancient Egypt: The early dynastic period to middle kingdom
ATS2358Contesting laws: heritage, culture and land
ATS2378The anthropology of international development
ATS2395Australia in a globalising world
ATS2422Literature and romanticism
ATS2440The public sphere
ATS2457Crime and the media
ATS2458Crime, control and policing
ATS2490Advanced professional writing
ATS2492Shakespeare: interpretations and transmutations
ATS2500The "Great" American Novel
ATS2513Short fiction classic and contemporary
ATS2535Storytelling in film and television: From classical narrative to art cinema
ATS2560Theorising sexed bodies: Contemporary feminist theory
ATS2574Fears and fantasies: Deviance and criminality in the modern world
ATS2584Australia's black history
ATS2621Religion as culture in the Malay world
ATS2624Global governance
ATS2628Power and poverty: International development in a globalised world
ATS2640The ethics of global conflict
ATS2653Japanese language acquisition and use
ATS2667Language across time
ATS2671Managing intercultural communication
ATS2679Psycholinguistics and child language acquisition
ATS2681Structure of English
ATS2718Families, relationships and intimate life
ATS2723Social research methods
ATS2727Men, masculinity and society
ATS2743Build your career: planning and strategies for employability
ATS2770English as an international language: Language and globalisation
ATS2774Australian soil and vegetation dynamics
ATS2779Climate change and variability
ATS2784News and power
ATS2788Audio storytelling
ATS2790Feature writing
ATS2791Editing and design
ATS2839Ethics (Semester 1, 2016)
ATS2840Philosophy of mind
ATS2840Philosophy of mind (Semester 2, 2015)
ATS2861Philosophy: God, freedom and evil
ATS2861Philosophy: God, freedom and evil (Semester 1, 2015)
ATS2872Karma, self and liberation: Buddhist and Hindu perspectives
ATS2872Topics in Indian philosophy (Semester 2, 2014)
ATS2875The moral psychology of evil
ATS2907Islamic leadership in the 20th century
ATS2909Villains and rogues: A history of ideas about gangsters
ATS2946Critical thinking: how to analyse arguments and improve your reasoning skills (Semester 1, 2016)
ATS2961Political ideas in context
ATS2983Screen project: From film theory to digital video practice
ATS3006Chinese proficient 2
ATS3008Chinese studies advanced 2
ATS3012Chinese studies advanced 6: contemporary literature
ATS3020Colonialism in comparison: Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific
ATS3042Chinese media analysis 2
ATS3046From translation to interpreting in Chinese 2
ATS3062Digital production
ATS3068French studies advanced 2
ATS3083Translating across cultures
ATS3089Social institutions and power in Asia
ATS3092Reading and researching history
ATS3096German proficient 2
ATS3113Reporting the arts circuit
ATS3146Japanese proficient 2
ATS3177Korean translation
ATS3278Advanced writing and interviewing
ATS3340International security studies
ATS3347Minoans, Mycenaeans and Egypt
ATS3350From Alexander to Kleopatra: The Hellenistic world and the rise of Rome
ATS3376Anthropology of human rights
ATS3391A world of sport: Business, politics and media
ATS3391A world of sport: Business, politics and media (Summer Semester)
ATS3404Eros and the body: Sexuality and body politics in the classical world
ATS3445Communications ethics, policy and law
ATS3459Prisons, power and punishment
ATS3466Sex, gender and crime
ATS3487Satire, sex and sensibility in the eighteenth century
ATS3543Australia's ancient Indigenous past: A 50,000 year archaeological odyssey
ATS3552Remote sensing of the environment
ATS3554Resource evaluation and management
ATS3573The Renaissance Codes: Art, magic, and belief
ATS3584Australia's black history
ATS3611Imagining God: The mystic quest in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
ATS3631The idea of travel: Global perspectives (Summer Semester)
ATS3632Post-conflict: justice, memory, reconciliation
ATS3636Sacred and profane: religion, the secular and the state
ATS3638Global childhoods: children's rights, welfare and mobility in a global context
ATS3639Poverty, climate change and international justice
ATS3652Japan as empire: From Meiji to 1945
ATS3667Language across time
ATS3679Psycholinguistics and child language acquisition
ATS3719Modern political thought
ATS3726Critical social psychology
ATS3732Communications and media studies: contemporary debates
ATS3743Build your career: planning and strategies for employability
ATS3782Bodies of work
ATS3786Journalism, law and ethics
ATS3788Soils, landscape and their management
ATS3816The social context of language learning
ATS3838Public relations campaigns
ATS3852Contemporary issues in social science research
ATS3869Political philosophy
ATS3869Political philosophy (Semester 2, 2015)
ATS3870Philosophy of religion (2011)
ATS3882Metaphysics (Semester 1, 2016)
ATS3885Stoic and epicurean philosophy
ATS3887Designing Urban Futures: Urban Climate, Water and Adaptation
ATS3903Leaders, power and politics
ATS3908American empire: The United States from colonies to superpower
ATS3919Journalism professional placement
ATS3951Japanese Popular Culture and Identity
ATS3974European security
ATS3976Histoire(s) de rire: The stakes of literary laughter in France
ATS4328Grand theories of politics and international relations
ATS4554Resource evaluation and management