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For Semester 1 unit recordings go here

This is a provisional list of units to be recorded in Semester 2, 2016. If your unit does not appear here please contact your lecturer to inquire if the unit is to be recorded.

Select a unit name to go to the unit's Echo360 recordings page

Unit code Unit name
LAW1113-2Torts - stream 2
LAW2102-2Contract B - stream 2
LAW2102-3Contract B - stream 3
LAW2111-2Constitutional law - stream 2
LAW2112Property A
LAW3112-1Corporations law - stream 1
LAW3112-2Corporations law - stream 2
LAW3302-1 Criminal law B - stream 1
LAW3302-2Criminal law B - stream 2
LAW3402-3Property B - stream 3
LAW4158Indigenous peoples and the law
LAW4164International refugee law and practice
LAW4170-1Trusts - stream 1
LAW4170-3Trusts - stream 3
LAW4193Biotechnology and the law
LAW4225Non-adversarial justice
LAW4244Construction law (dispute resolution)
LAW4309-2Lawyers ethics and society - stream 2
LAW4331-1Administrative law - stream 1
LAW4339Personal insolvency
LAW4340Sport and the law
LAW4702Competition and consumer law