Monash appoints John Brumby to ARMI Board

John Brumby

John Brumby

Former Victorian Premier, John Brumby, has been appointed to the board of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI), a medical research centre based at Monash University’s Clayton campus.

Mr Brumby, who was recently appointed as Vice-Chancellor’s Professorial Fellow at Monash University, is a major supporter of the development of Victoria as a leader in medical research.

“I am honoured to take up this position on the board of this world-class Institute. It has been a long-term goal of mine to make Victoria a first-rate biotechnology and research development state.”

“I look forward to working with the medical professionals and members of the board at ARMI on expanding the world’s largest regenerative medicine and stem cell research centres,“ said Mr Brumby.

Established in 2009 as a joint venture between Monash University and the Victorian and Commonwealth Government, ARMI builds upon Monash’s existing strengths in biomedical research, supporting the critical infrastructure required to deliver the next generation of discoveries in regenerative medicine.

Professor Nadia Rosenthal, Director of ARMI said that Mr Brumby’s acceptance of a board position with ARMI is a further sign of his unending dedication to science, ARMI and Monash University.

“John was still Minister for Innovation when ARMI was first funded by the Department for Industry, Innovation and Regional Development, and I will never forget him looking me in the eye and saying, I share your vision and if you come to Australia to build this Institute, I will support you all the way. And he did,” explained Professor Rosenthal.

Mr Brumby joins Andrew Dyer, Dr Janine Kirk AM (Chair), Elizabeth Matthews, Tim Murphy, The Hon. Dr Kay Patterson (Deputy Chair), Professor Nadia Rosenthal (Director), Michael Spiegel (Executive Secretary) and Dr Zita Unger, on the board.

About the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI)

Located at the thriving Monash Biosciences Precinct on the Clayton campus of Monash University, the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute is a result of the shared vision, ideas and funding of the State Government of Victoria, Commonwealth and Monash University.

A team of internationally recognised researchers have been recruited to work in ARMI's state of the art research laboratories to provide new advances in regenerative medicine.

ARMI’s scientists focus on unraveling the basic mechanisms of the regenerative process, aiming to eventually enable doctors to prevent, halt and reverse damage to vital organs due to disease, injury or genetic conditions.

This work will form the basis of treatments for conditions such as neurodegenerative disorders, diabetes, arthritis, musculo-skeletal and cardiovascular diseases.