Global student mobility numbers increase thanks to Alliance

Monash and Warwick students at Monash Warwick Alliance exchange event

Monash and Warwick students at Monash Warwick Alliance exchange event

Student mobility is on the increase between Monash University and the University of Warwick thanks to the Monash Warwick Alliance.

This September, 81 University of Warwick students will head to Monash University campuses around the world for their 2015-2016 academic year, constituting Monash University’s largest inbound cohort and the University of Warwick’s largest outbound cohort.

In October, 32 Monash students (including four from Monash Malaysia) will head to the University of Warwick, the highest number of Monash students accepted by any UK university.

Increasing student mobility between Monash and Warwick is part of the Alliance vision to prepare students for a worldwide market seeking graduates with a global outlook and international experience. The Alliance is facilitating the increase by removing the traditional barriers to exchange.

Recently returned Monash arts and business student Benjamin McNally said the opportunity to study at the University of Warwick broadened his academic experience.

“I think an exchange program to Warwick would be an asset to any degree. My term at Warwick was a great way to explore life in the UK, develop new friendship circles and broaden my academic experience,” Ben said.

Students across all faculties at both institutions have the opportunity to study within related disciplines at the other institution.

“My exchange has been a fantastic experience, and without a doubt the best decision I've made,” said Vincent Goode, a Warwick economics exchange student at Monash.

“Studying different modules has given me a much more rounded education, and having the chance to do this whilst experiencing Melbourne has been amazing.”

Monash and Warwick students also benefit from a number of Alliance-supported initiatives, including the opportunity to publish their research in the jointly edited undergraduate peer-reviewed journal, Reinvention, and to present their research at the jointly organised International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR), a 24-hour, multi-location conference which uses video-conferencing technology to enable undergraduates to share their research with peers around the globe.

Students are able to apply for funding for joint activities and projects through the Alliance Student-Led Activity Fund. Students interested in proposing their own activity should contact the Alliance Project Team at:

Formed in early 2012, the Monash Warwick Alliance represents an innovation in higher education and research and aims to accelerate the exchange of people, ideas and information between Monash University and the University of Warwick.