A picture speaks a thousand words


Artworks on display at the Sir Louis Matheson Library

A moving story on the troubles of East Timor, detailed through a series of images, is currently hanging in the Sir Louis Matheson Library.

Lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts, Tom Nicholson, has created a collection of photographs, several depicting burnt-out library shelves, others showing the title pages of books that have been donated to East Timor to help build a new university library.

All of the images are part of the recent addition of a significant number of art works to the library at the Clayton campus. The works are loaned by the Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA).

University Librarian Cathrine Harboe-Ree said that the library wanted to enrich users’ experiences by adding layers of culture.

“We are delighted to work with MUMA and have these works displayed in the library,” Ms Harboe-Ree said.

“They have really lifted the study spaces.”

The library has partnered with MUMA for the past seven years to develop selections of works for a particular campus or faculty library. 

The selection may follow a theme that reflects the nature of the faculties for which the library is mainly intended, such as ‘science, engineering and perception’ at the Hargrave-Andrew Library and the ‘human body’ at the CL Butchers Pharmacy Library.

In the case of the Matheson, the ‘narrative’ theme relates strongly to the library’s humanities focus.

“Narrative can mean a story within a particular art work, or a story told through a series of art works, or text within the art work, making a nice connection to the written word in the books held in the library,” Ms Harboe-Ree said.