A win for Monash students? Bank on it

Challenge team members Hugh Farquhar, Jane Lee and Alex Mirt

Challenge team members Hugh Farquhar, Jane Lee and Alex Mirt

A team of commerce and law students from Monash University have won the 2012 UBS Investment Banking Challenge.

The team of Samantha Carberry, Hugh Farquhar, Jane Lee and Alex Mirt, under the mentorship of Roger Love from the Department of Accounting and Finance, successfully tested their skills on a real-life merger and acquisition transaction.

The teams were required to research a case study, chosen by global financial services company UBS, before presenting to a panel of judges and answering questions typical of those posed to a junior analyst at UBS.

Fourth-year student Hugh Farquhar said it was great to come out on top.

“The Challenge tested a variety of different skills and required us to work together as a cohesive team,” Hugh said

“By competing, all students were able to gain an invaluable insight into the investment banking industry and learn about the challenges of a modern day merger and acquisition transaction.”

Now in its seventh year, the Challenge is an opportunity for students studying commerce and law to gain hands-on experience working as an analyst in an investment bank.

The students won $5000 and will be interviewed in the next few months by UBS for either graduate or internship positions in investment banking.

Other teams competing in the Challenge were the University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne, University of NSW, University of Queensland, University of Sydney and University of Western Australia.

This is the second time students from Monash have won the Challenge and the fourth year in a row they have finished in the top two.