Brazilian virtuoso to weave musical magic at Monash

Hermeto Pascoal

Hermeto Pascoal

Hermeto Pascoal, a man described by Miles Davis as one of the most important musicians on the planet, is coming to Monash University to record a CD with staff and students.

A Brazilian native, Pascoal will be appearing at the School of Music – Conservatorium, where he will participate in workshops, rehearsals and the recording of the CD, which is to be released by Jazzhead records.

Head of the School of Music – Conservatorium, Robert Burke, said hosting one of Brazil's most eccentric, prolific and treasured musicians  was an outstanding honour.

“Pascoal will be travelling to Australia to play at the Adelaide Festival, but to have him come to Monash to actually record a CD with us is something very special,” Mr Burke said.

“The word 'innovation' has long been synonymous with Pascoal, whose talent for making music out of virtually anything has earned him such nicknames such as the Sorcerer.

“I’m incredibly excited to be giving our students and staff the opportunity to work with such a respected musician. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Pascoal often makes music with unconventional objects such as teapots, children’s toys and animals, as well as traditional keyboards, button accordions, melodicas, saxophones, guitars, flutes, voice and various brass and folkloric instruments.

He has spent much of the past four decades touring internationally.

Coming from a humble, rural background in north-eastern Brazil, Pascoal, an albino, had extra incentive to stay inside and practise the flute and the accordion while his parents worked the fields.

“Hermeto’s Pascoal's musical style is quite complex. So many different styles are presented in his live performances and recordings,” Mr Burke said.

“The result is something that you’ve never heard before. He can make music out of anything, and he’ll be showing us the process of how he does it.”

The School of Music – Conservatorium will be hosting a two-hour workshop and three-hour rehearsal on 11 March before the CD recording on 12 March.

Hermeto Pascoal's visit was supported by the Monash University Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA).

For more information on the School of Music – Conservatorium or MAPA visit their websites.