Dining out on success

Annette Anhar

Annette Anhar

A combination of computer and business savvy plus a good dose of hard work has helped Monash graduate Annette Anhar develop a chain of successful fine dining restaurants in Indonesia.

Annette, a 2003 graduate of the Bachelor of Business Systems (now Bachelor of Business Information Systems), is a director of her family company, the Tugu Hotel Group.

She personally oversees the day-to-day operations of three restaurants situated around Indonesia's thriving capital city Jakarta.

In what can often end up being 12-hour days Annette regularly travels between the different locations, supervising staff, dealing with suppliers and welcoming customers late into the night.

Annette developed the concept for restaurant Lara Djonggrang, which specialises in "imperial" Indonesian cuisine. Teams of specialist cooks recruited from across Indonesia provide diners with myriad high quality Indonesian dishes from the one kitchen.

The busy restaurant is popular with Jakarta's expatriate community and international diplomats keen to get a taste of local culture.

Annette says her experience at Monash helped make the venture a success.

She said the fundamentals of her success -- business modelling and computer databases -- were developed from the lessons she learnt at Monash.

"When I said that I really wanted to do a Bachelor of Business Systems they suggested Monash because they have the best IT faculty and the best business faculty," Annette recalls.

Annette says she grew up while studying abroad at Monash. There was strong support from staff and other students who helped her with lessons, but also encouraged her to learn independently and not be afraid to think outside the square.

"What I learnt from Monash is the culture of the people and the campus and how they teach you to be open-minded," she said.