Eight Storeys

Eight Storeys

Eight Storeys will be held from 1-5 November at the Faculty Gallery, Monash University Caulfield Campus. Entry is free.

An offset edition of a newspaper investigating the decline of the medium is just one of the creative works being showcased by Visual Communication honours graduates at their design exhibition this week.

Open to the public from tomorrow, the Visual Communications Honours Exhibition at Monash University’s Faculty Gallery, will showcase eight honours students’ major design projects ranging from a digital photograph of an old bottle collection to illustrative experiments and creative design.

The exhibition, Eight Storeys: Visual Communications Honours Exhibition, is the culmination of the complex skills and conceptual maturity that students have developed during their Honours Year.

The newspaper edition by exhibiting artist Allie Wang encourages observers to rethink the value of the newspaper as vehicle and object while considering the relationship between journalism and graphic design.

“The project originated by unpacking the materiality of the newspaper and creating designs and statements that upheld its uniqueness,” Ms Wang said.

“A series of experimental projects explored production techniques, design and layout systems, archiving, spoilage and misprints as well as research and review which questions the future of this venerable format.

“With recent shifts in the Australian news media industry, it is the very ‘ordinariness’ of the printed newspaper that makes mapping its history relevant in the context of contemporary communication design.”

Honours Coordinator Warren Taylor said this year’s graduands had pursued a diverse range of projects, spanning areas including type design, branding illustration, exhibition design and publishing.

“It is always an honour to acknowledge the efforts of the current graduating year. These projects contribute to knowledge within the discipline, and prepare graduates to make further contributions, throughout what I’m sure will be rich and rewarding careers,” Mr Taylor said.

Eight Storeys will be held from 1-5 November at the Faculty Gallery, Monash University Caulfield Campus. Entry is free.

The Faculty Gallery is part of the Faculty of Art Design & Architecture at Monash University and is open 10am-5pm Monday-Friday and 12-5pm on Saturday.

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