Inspirational survivor speaks to Mannix College


Janine Shepard speaking at Mannix College

After surviving a horrific road accident, and going on to become a qualified pilot, motivational speaker, author and mother, Janine Shepard AM shared her journey of recovery and defying the odds, with Mannix College.

Speaking to Monash students at the Women in Leadership Lecture, Janine recounted her story as an aspiring Olympic skier, who was hit from behind during a training session in the Blue Mountains just prior to the 1988 Winter Olympics at Calgary.

Janine said that during her slow and extremely painful recovery from the almost fatal road accident, the doctors kept telling her of all the things she would never be able to do, including having children and pursuing a professional career.

As a young woman in her mid twenties she was unable to move for months, and underwent many risky surgical procedures in the years that followed.

Janine defied the doubters, she become the mother of three children as well as gaining her commercial pilot’s licence and become a flying instructor. Janine still continues to live with chronic pain and disability.        

Having herself been close to death, Janine urged the audience to never lose sight of their dreams and to live each day as though it were their last.

She maintains the two things in life that matter most are passion and perseverance.

Janine's remarkable life was the subject of a movie starring Claudia Karvan, and has been featured in TV programmes, Australian Story and 60 Minutes.