Monash researchers celebrated as rising stars

Tall Poppy

L-R: Dr Bernadette Fitzgibbon, Professor Pauline Nestor, Dr Daniel Mathews, Dr David McCarthy, Dr Nikhil Medhekar, Dr Kaye Susannah Morgan & Dr Marie Yap

Six young Monash University researchers have been recognised in the Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.

The awards, run by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS), are held state-by-state and celebrate the best and brightest young achievers across science.

This year, Monash researchers have taken home six of the 11 Victorian awards for their research achievements and leadership potential.

Dr Kaye Morgan, School of Physics; Dr Daniel Mathews, School of Mathematical Sciences; Dr Nikhil Medhekar, Department of Materials Engineering; Dr David McCarthy, Department of Civil Engineering; Dr Marie Yap, School of Psychological Sciences; and Dr Bernadette Fitzgibbon, Central and Eastern Clinical School; have received awards.

Their work spans research in neuroscience, mathematical physics, clinical psychology, water engineering, materials science, and physics.

Vice-Provost (Research), Professor Pauline Nestor congratulated the recipients on their achievements.

“These awards celebrate and honour some of our most promising young scientists. It is particularly exciting to see such a range of early career researchers make their mark – and the awards bode well for the next generation of research leadership at Monash,” Professor Nestor said. 

Young Tall Poppies are nominated by their peers and are early career researchers aged 35 or under. 

As part of the Young Tall Poppy campaign, award winners will spend a year sharing their knowledge with school students, teachers and the broader community through workshops, seminars and public lectures.