Monash Warwick Alliance 2015 second round funding opens

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The second round of funding for 2015 for collaborations between Monash University and the University of Warwick is now open.

Two separate schemes offer targeted funding opportunities to academic staff and students at both universities.

Alliance Seed Fund: open to academic staff to support development of new, strategically aligned education and research initiatives with high potential that combine complementary aspects of each institution towards novel and sustainable outcomes.

Alliance Student-Led Activity Scheme: open to students from undergraduate to PhD level to support activities that integrate students and transfer knowledge and innovation across institutions.

Funding information for Monash University students and academic staff 

Funding information for University of Warwick students and academic staff 

Applications close 9 November.

In the past three years the Monash Warwick Alliance has supported 58 projects, initiatives and joint appointments thanks to ongoing investments from both universities.

Student-led activities have included a Machine Learning bootcamp, exchanges of advanced practice in Formula Student motor racing and joint philosophy workshops for research postgraduate students.

Staff projects funded in the first round of 2015 included gender and sustainability workshops; joint research into safer supply chain systems in the Bangladesh ready-made garment industry; research into hydrodynamics of semi-dilute matter polymers and colloids; mechanisms for efficient energy transport in molecular aggregates; and hazard control due to seismicity induced by geothermal energy production.

Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher from the Faculty of Arts at Monash University said the Alliance funding award which she and her Warwick collaborator, Professor Nickie Charles, received in the April 2015 Alliance funding round had already helped to identify synergies between the two institutions in the area of collaborative gender and sustainability research.

“Building research collaborations under the umbrella of a strong and established institutional relationship supports the early stages really effectively and allows for many more opportunities as the research relationships progress. It reduces the distance and the challenges of international collaborations significantly,” Associate Professor Maher said.

Academic staff searching for potential collaborators at the other institution can use Piirus, a free online tool developed by Warwick that links researchers in related areas.

Formed in early 2012, the Monash Warwick Alliance represents an innovation in higher education and research and aims to accelerate the exchange of people, ideas and information between Monash University and the University of Warwick.