International travel awards for PhD student

Thilaksha Tharanganie

Thilaksha Tharanganie

Phd student Thilaksha Tharanganie is set to travel to California and Seattle after claiming two prestigious travel awards to attend international conferences.

From the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics, Thilaksha was the recipient of awards from the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) and Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS).

The IFF grant of USD $2645 (AUD $3414) was awarded for Thilaksha’s paper, co-authored with her thesis main advisor Professor Rob J. Hyndman, on Density forecasting using a functional data approach and will assist with the costs to attend the International Symposium on Forecasting to be held in California in June.

Thilaksha’s paper, in collaboration with Professor Hyndman, on Methods for estimating a time series of densities won the IMS travel award of USD $1500 (AUD $1938) to attend the Joint Statistical Meetings in Seattle, during August.

The grant is awarded to support IMS members who are new researchers to present a paper at an IMS sponsored or co-sponsored meeting.

“I am honoured to receive these two international travel awards. Being an apprentice researcher, who is aiming to become a fully independent researcher, attending to conferences will broaden my knowledge and open up doors to the wider world,” Thilaksha said.

Thilaksha has also been successful in receiving travel funding to attend two local conferences – the Statistical Society of Australia travel funding to attend the recent Young Statisticians Conference and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute travel funding to attend the Australia New Zealand Applied Probability Workshop in Adelaide earlier this month.

“Words fail me to express my thanks to my thesis advisors, Professor Rob J. Hyndman and Professor Don Poskitt, for their guidance and constant encouragement,” Thilaksha said.

During her PhD, Thilaksha held several committee membership positions and widely participated in numerous volunteering activities at Monash. Thilaksha is in her final year of PhD studies.