The A-to-Z of citing and referencing

student with book

The Monash University Library has developed a new online tutorial for students, which aims to develop their understanding of basic citing and referencing skills.

Steven Yates, eLearning Coordinator and head of the team of librarians and learning skills advisers who developed the tutorial, said the interactive online module highlighted the importance of acknowledging sources and avoiding plagiarism.

“Citing and referencing is about much more than simply following University rules," Mr Yates said.

"Students learn that proper citing and referencing skills add value to and strengthen their research. It validates their work and situates it in the discipline they study, which helps other researchers trace their sources for more information.

"It protects your work and the work of others. It is about maintaining academic integrity.”

The Demystifying Citing and Referencing module applies an active learning approach.

Information is packaged into small clusters with interactive, scenario-based activities. This encourages students to apply their knowledge in context. Students can return to the tutorial at any time to review material and track their progress as they go, including through self-testing quizzes.

As an online tool, it can be completed anytime and accessed with an internet connection and computing device. It can also be used in in classes on campus in a blended learning mode, providing an opportunity to engage all class participants.

The tutorial takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Academic integrity and skills in citing and referencing are part of the new Research Skill Development Framework being adopted at Monash.

The module is available on the Library website and within the Library block in Moodle.