Top 10 in ‘top women’ awards

Nicolene Murdoch

Nicolene Murdoch

Executive Director of Teaching, Learning and Quality at Monash South Africa, Nicolene Murdoch has been nominated as one of the finalists in the 9th Annual Top Women Awards.

"l am ecstatic over the nomination as l believe that women are an integral part of society. I stand to make a difference in the lives of my community members and in the lives of my colleagues,” Ms Murdoch said.

The awards showcase and celebrate individuals who acknowledge and support the power of women in business.

Ms Murdoch’s nomination describes her as a beacon of light to the women of South Africa, playing a mentorship role and ensuring there is a strong and supported female workforce. When she came to Monash South Africa she advocated for and implemented a number of policies that have ensured the rise of women in the organisation.

Nicolene is responsible for policy development and governance at Monash South Africa and has also contributed to the improvement of the governance and professionalism of the Student Representative Council, teaching the students about management, leadership, sound governance and budget management during their tenure as student leaders.

Nicolene has previously been listed in the 'Top 100 Elite Professionals' in the education sector by the Princeton Global Network – recognition for individuals who have demonstrated commitment to excellence in their careers and exemplary leadership in their communities.