Touring animation exhibit gallops into Melbourne

971 Horses

International touring animation exhibition, 971 horses and 4 zebras, has made its way to Melbourne and will be presented at Monash University this month.

The exhibition, opening at the Monash Art Design & Architecture (MADA) Gallery on 24 April celebrates the unpredictable process of experiments with animation, with a focus on how animation as a labour intensive process and form is being applied to the creation of conceptual artworks.

The animation screening features notable local and international artists from the UK, Japan, Ireland, Australia and the USA, including former Turner prize winners and premier global figures in film, video and animation based in contemporary art.

Each work challenges what animation is or what it means by using techniques from early cinema, such as stop-frame, time-lapse, in-camera editing and multiple exposure.

Co-curator and participating artist Jordon Baseman (US) said the featured works reflected a wide variety of approaches and styles, but were all connected by their experimental application of basic animation techniques.

“Contemporary artists are increasingly using animation techniques in a wide variety of approach and style,” Mr Baseman said

Monash University’s Associate Professor Kit Wise, Associate Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Art Design & Architecture (MADA), features in the exhibition and is presenting his work Explosion (Geranium), 2010.

“The work was developed during a residency in London in 2009, in response to various natural disasters that caught the headlines. I see art as a way to re-engage with or re-think this imagery, that might otherwise be passed by in our media-saturated daily lives,” Professor Wise said.

“Animation in some respects pre-dates film as a medium, but the impact of new technologies on this area is profound. The blurring of art, film and new media that we are witnessing in the digital age is an especially rich terrain for contemporary practice, as I hope this exhibition will demonstrate.”

Titled after participating Japanese artist Yu Araki’s film 971 horses and 4 zebras, the work uses archival images of horses and zebras and animates them into galloping sequence. Araki’s piece references the seminal proto-cinematic animation by Eadweard Muybridge’s The Horse in Motion (1878).

971 horses and 4 zebras has previously been exhibited at the TATE Modern (London, UK)’ Wimbledon Space (London, UK) and CAST, Tasmania. Following its appearance in Melbourne, the exhibition will continue on to Rome, Italy.

971 horses and 4 zebras will be held from 24 April - 15 May at MADA Gallery, Monash University, Caulfield Campus. Entry is free.

The opening event is on Wednesday 24 April 5 – 7pm. 

MADA Gallery is open 10am–5pm Monday to Friday and 12–5pm on Saturdays.

For further information, visit the MADA Gallery website.

Yu Araki, Jordan Baseman, Geraint Evans, Katie Goodwin, Inger Lise Hansen, James Lowne, Nathaniel Mellors, David O’Reilly, Emily Richardson, Lois Rowe, Chris Shepherd, Tadasu Takamine, David Theobald and Kit Wise

Jordan Baseman and Gary Thomas