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Image: Julian Finn, Museum Victoria.

Male squid unfazed by costly sex

Sex is costly. It can be time consuming, energetically demanding, and resource depleting. So, it makes sense to choose your mates wisely. Being choosy, however, might not always be for...


Colour matters in display of fish aggression

Biologists have unlocked new insights into the mysterious evolution of colour diversity among fish, and how aggression from other species plays a part in patterns of colour diversity observed in...

Amphilophus sagittae in Lake Xiloá

Fishy parents distinguish friend from foe

With intruders lurking everywhere, the volcanic crater lakes of Nicaragua can be a dangerous place to raise a family, especially if you’re a fish. Cichlid fish parents have come up...

The red devil cichlid

The devil is in the detail

Researchers have looked at a species of fish to help unravel one of the biggest mysteries in evolutionary biology. In many species of plants and animals, individuals from the same...

Dr Ernest Koh of the Faculty of Arts, one of the recipients of the OLT Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.

Recognition for contributions to student learning

Three Monash staff members and one teaching team have been recognised with Citations from the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) in 2013. Announced by the Minister for Innovation, Industry,...

The southern bottletail squid can grow up to four centimetres in length and are found around the Spencer Gulf in Southern Australia, with healthy populations in Port Phillip Bay.

Sexual selection in the sea

Biologists have gained new insights into how the male sexual behaviour of the peculiar southern bottletail squid is primed to produce the greatest number of offspring. Recent studies published in...

Science Snippets

Science Snippets continue to liven up lunch hour

In today’s talk, leading scientists will share their inspiring research covering fascinating topics from astrophysics to the role of sexual selection in human evolution and protecting the Earth's atmosphere. Dr...

Figures representing the must extreme height, shoulder, hip and penis in comparison to the central most trait values

Science tests the size debate

A Monash University biologist was part of a national research team that has shed new light on how women take into account male body shape, height and size of genitalia...