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Universities must act now on sustainability goals

In an unpredictable and insecure global political scene, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are intended to tackle pressing global challenges.

Learning & teaching
Professor Susan Elliott

Global Leaders’ Summit 2017- Day One

Distinguished Monash University alumni from around the world are coming home to Monash for the University’s annual Global Leaders’ Summit on 5 and 6 September, where they will discuss ''Professions of the Future'' and tackling

Alumni news

Collaboration advances antibiotic research

The Monash Warwick Alliance grew from a shared vision of tackling global challenges with the resources of two ambitious and committed partners. True to this vision, the Alliance continues to support and champion the exchange of ideas and people

MI launch

Monash Infrastructure launches: solving global challenges

Australia’s capacity to deliver innovative solutions to critical global infrastructure problems such as water supply and maintenance of ageing rail will be boosted by the creation of Monash Infrastructure (MI) - a Monash University Institute

Engineering & technology

Monash University helps drive startup economy in Australia and beyond

Monash University today welcomed the Universities Australia report, Startup Smarts: Universities and the Startup Economy, confirming the essential role of the universities sector in fuelling Australia’s startup economy and future job creation.

University news
Rowan Brookes

Monash science leader wins 2016 Telstra Victorian Business Women’s Public Sector and Academia Award

Monash University science leader Dr Rowan Brookes has won a prestigious Telstra Victorian Business Women’s Award for her leadership in science research and education.

MSDI launch

Addressing global challenges: Monash Sustainable Development Institute launches

From ending poverty and protecting the planet, to gender equality and creating sustainable cities and communities, the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI), launched today, will focus on finding answers to these and other significant ....

The Global Hunger Hack is part of the second year of Bachelor of Science Advanced ? Global Challenges (Honours) and is open to others in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and entrepreneurship community.

Breaking down global hunger

A Science event will harness Melbourne’s brains to work on some of the most enduring global challenges: hunger and food security. The Global Hunger Hack is part of the second...