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Monash and Collinstar sign multi-million dollar agreement to develop blockchain cryptocurrency

Monash University and Collinstar Capital have signed a multi-million-dollar deal to develop the blockchain cryptocurrency Hcash in a move that hopes to establish Hcash as a virtual cryptocurrency exchange.

Engineering & technology

International play to highlight the plight of three pioneer women scientists

Monash University’s Faculty of Science, in conjunction with the School of Physics and Astronomy is proud to present the international play ‘Curie, Meitner, Lamarr – Indivisible’.


Monash University celebrates graduation of students at our Suzhou Joint Graduate School

More than 100 students from our Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School in Suzhou, China will celebrate their graduation on Saturday 24 June. This is the third year of graduations for the School, with the first cohort graduating

University news

Monash & HP Alum driving megatrends

The global “megatrends” of mobility, blended reality, and 3D printing are driving future technology development, but what are the skill-sets required for success in this age of digital disruption?

Engineering & technology
Server down

Server down: what caused the ATO systems to crash

Many Australian Tax Office IT systems have been unavailable for days after a major fault, apparently caused by a problem with a large-scale storage server.

Engineering & technology
Jon Whittle

Monash recruits UK innovator to leadership role

An education leader and researcher with a global profile has been recruited by Monash University to be its new Dean of Information Technology.

Engineering & technology

iPhone hack attack shows why we need to rein in the trade in spyware

Downloading security updates for computers and mobile devices is a regular routine for most of us.

Engineering & technology
Robert Merkel

Census website cracks after ‘malicious’ attack by hackers

Many Australians were unable to complete the Census on August 9 due to the Census website failing.