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Hello people. My name is Ali and I am a second-year student studying Business and Marketing. I enjoy reading books, watching anime and TV shows, and playing games. I also enjoy playing soccer and spending time with friends. I look forward to meeting everyone in 2017.

Hi Everyone! My name is Ankit and I am a Masters student for Business Information Systems. I love interacting and communicating with people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Apart from technical skills, I consider patience and optimism to be my core strengths. I believe in sharing ideas and creating collaborative growth opportunities to achieve mutual and bi-directional success.

When I am not working, I am networking. You can either find me at and around the Caulfield Campus or quietly sitting in a corner of some library dug into a ‘Jeffery Archer’ or a history book.

I am excited to know each of you and have an amazing time together this year!

This sophomore double-degree (Bus&Arts) Vietnamese international student, nicknamed Conan, will be gladly and zealously servile to your incoming and wondrous first year at Monash.

I'm more than happy to offer any help with your (general) Business units (provisionally International Bus as major) or your Arts units (Major: APAC Psych, [Planning] Minor: Chinese studies, Electives: Sociology).

To know more about me (and for me to know more about you), smile and say hello to me. I whole-heartedly look forward to meet you guys and hopefully help you to nurture your sense of connectedness.

Hi, my name's Dahlia and I'm super excited to be a part of Auriga College this year. I'm currently doing my third year in a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology. When I'm not studying at uni or hanging out in the common room, I love to do music things from performing at uni events to jamming with friends and studying or watching films (did I mention I'm a film buff!).

I also love to go out with my friends and enjoy what Melbourne has to offer, which is more than you may think if you know where to look. Feel free to approach me if you ever have any questions about uni life. I'm always happy to help! Starting uni is hard and can take some time getting used to, so don't be scared to ask for help or advice for absolutely anything. We're all here to listen and help. I can't wait to meet all you guys and I'm sure we'll make this brand new college the best college in Non-Res history!

I host birthday parties as a job but I also love making sneaky coffees when no one is looking (I’ve been told that I make one heck of a cappuccino and a chai latte). I find puppies absolutely adorable and I enjoy drawing tiny robots. I’m so excited to be working with more and more people as I continue to stay with the NRC and I most excited about partying with you just like it’s the 90’s.

Hello Everyone! My name is Eric and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business at Monash Caulfield. My interests include: Soccer, PC Gaming, Food and Film.

To elaborate, I follow Liverpool FC in the EPL and regularly attend Melbourne City games at AAMI Park.

I play a number of PC Games and follow the eSports scenes, this includes: CS:GO, LoL, GW2 and Hearthstone. I love food, and consider myself to be a foodie. Currently I am hunting down the best Pho in Melbourne and am searching for many great places to eat! I love watching movies and TV series. I am constantly looking for great movies and shows to watch regardless of the genre. Some of my favourite series are: House of Cards, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and AnoHana. A number of my favourite movies include: Whiplash, Mulan, Spirited Away and Before Sunrise to name a few.

Coming from Darwin, the NRC at Monash has helped me make many friends and settle in at University. I am sure that both I and the other members of the colleges can help do the same for you. I really look forward to meeting you all!

Hello everyone, I’m Ezar. I’m currently doing my Master’s degree in communications and media studies!

I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia and I enjoy playing all kinds of video game. You name it, I know it. Joining the non-res college has helped me meet new people and spiced up my otherwise bland master’s degree. I look forward meeting new people, and hopefully share the fun with all of you.

Hiya! I’m Jade and I am a second year completing a Bachelor of Business and Arts. I hope to major in Economics and Indonesian for my Arts bachelor. Two things I absolutely love are DOGS and BASKETBALL, they simply make my life complete! I have a German shepherd, Carly and I will probably show you a million silly photos of her. I’ve been playing basketball since I was in grade 3 and still am in love with it so if you ever in the need of a basketball friend, I’m right here!

If you can’t find me hanging out at the common room, I’m probably at the courts or at Clayton. Or just trying to figure out on what to eat… (Most likely will settle for KFC) Anyway, I am very excited to meeting everyone and looking forward to another awesome year at Non-Res!

Hey guys! I'm James. I am a fourth year Accounting/Banking & Finance student. I enjoy playing games & sports, watching anime, listening to music and hanging out with friends and family with my free time.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!

Hi, My name is Kanika. I am a postgrad kid studying journalism. I like flopping on the grass when the sun's out, and scouting for free things to do or eat in Melb. Admirer of people who read/write creative non-fiction or have sporting abilities. Welcome to Monash and see ya soon!


I’m Kewal and currently studying Masters of Applied finance and Masters of Applied Econometrics. This is my first year as a college advisor and I am super excited to meet you all.

When I’m at uni and not in lectures you can find me at the gym, I love to play sport. I am always up for a chat related to finance and start ups.

Hi my name is Monique. I’m a fourth year Monash student studying a double degree in Arts and Business. I love to read and spend time with my family and friends... and I especially love my dog and Muay Thai. I’m always up for a chat, so never hesitate to tell me about your day!


I'm heading into my fourth and final year as an Industrial Design student! When I'm not busy spending sleepless nights on my folio, I enjoy playing basketball, socialising, drawing, and crying over animated characters. I also adore animals and am especially fond of cats, if there is a cat around I will probably be found in the vicinity meowing at them but to no success. I’m always willing to squeal over cute pictures of animals or your pets if you need someone to show them to.

I am super excited to meet and get to know you all! :)

Hello everyone! I'm Nora! I'm in my second year of a double degree in arts and business, and if you don't find me taking sneaky photos of people in the common room you can find me awake at 4am. I absolutely love cats, reading, and of course eating food. I may appear slightly weird at times but you'll come to realise that's me being normal. I'm very excited to meet you all!!!!

Hi, my name is Rahul, you could call me Raul (Paul with an R). I am in my second year of Master of Banking and Finance, Caulfield campus.

I love to cycle, go to gym, listen to some music, and enjoy beer or coffee with friends by the beach. I do like playing sports though I don’t excel is any, I play for fun.

One thing I love the most is to travel especially places surrounded by nature. Recently I have been checking off different waterfalls around Melbourne.

I have been a member with non-residential college for 1 year now and it has been fun meeting new people and making new friends. The most important parts of NRC are FREE FOOD and FUN EVENTS. I would love to share my experience with all the new comers and I am super excited to meet you guys.

Hello this is Raida. I am doing sociology, currently doing my third year. I love music, volunteering and like to read a good book in my leisure time. Even though this is my first year as an advisor in NRC, I feel like I have this ability to be a great leader someday! This is just my pathway to reach that goal. See you all soon!

Hey everyone!

I’m Stephanie and I'm currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Business/Accounting at Monash. When I’m not eating or listening to music I like to spend my time outdoors; whether it be hiking, cycling or even playing soccer. Joining Auriga College has been one of the biggest highlights of 2016 and thus, I highly encourage all of you to try it out.

I’m always up for a chat and happy to help. I look forward to all the memories, rewarding experiences and friendships ahead. Let's make 2017 Auriga’s year!

Hi there, I'm Suhaina, or you can call me Sue. I am an international student from Singapore, currently in my second year doing Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Work.

I love to travel, discover places, eat a lot, make new friends, driving around, ride rollercoasters, and I better stop here before I go on and on. In my spare time, I usually watch videos on YouTube such as variety shows, cooking shows, how it's made, and many more.

I look forward to meeting everyone and let's have a rocking good 2016 ahead!

Hey guys! Welcome to NRC, I'm in my third year at Monash studying Business (Psychology) and things are going pretty good, for now! The business part is good but the psychology part is better!

My hobbies include rugby and cycling and John Mayer. I also like hanging around with friends and meeting new people!

2017 will be my second year as a college advisor and I'm really excited to meet and re-meet everyone! Hope you all have a good year!