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Hi! I'm Matt, and I'm in my third year of a law and commerce degree, where I'm majoring in economics. I love traveling, soccer (Russia in 2018!) and of course making new friends in the colleges. The colleges provided some of the highlights of my year when I first joined, so I'm looking forward to meeting you all! I'm always up for a chat so I hope to hear from you at some point during semester!

Hey! My name's Ashley and I'll be entering my third year of Commerce in 2017. I am a massive dodgeball enthusiast and if you ever wanted to find out more about it you can hit me up!

This year will be my third year in Centaurus and I can't wait to share this year with you all!

Hi, I'm Chan and I'm doing my 3rd year in Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology. I love the great outdoors and I enjoy spending time with Mother Nature. I also have a unique interest in taxidermy so I collect bones and also bottles of animals in jars!

I hope to make some new friends this year and have a good time in my final year in uni!

Hey guys my name is Chris and i'm going into my fourth year of a Bachelor of Science/Arts. I love any kind of racket sport especially tennis and table tennis, as well as video games and anime. I joined Centaurus College in my third year and absolutely loved meeting new people and doing the weird and wonderful events offered throughout the year.

I'm looking forward to providing the same fun and easy going atmosphere that made me come back to Centaurus again, please don't hesitate to say hi to me around campus!

Hi, I'm Cristian and I am a second year Engineering student here at Monash. Outside of university I like to keep myself busy with a mix of martial arts, guitar, and playing games with friends. I also enjoy cracking the worst puns whenever I can and I'm always happy to talk if you see me around. I promise that running into me on campus won't be too... pun-ishing...

Hi! I’m Dan! I'm somewhere between 2nd and third year Arts/Science student and majoring in Pharmacology and Psychology. I talk too much, and I love board games, cars and most other distractions from study.

Hey! I'm Erlaine. Going into my second year of study in 2017. I joined non-residential college last year and it provided me with an opportunity to meet new people, have a fun and create a memorable experience outside my studies.

I love to dance (hip-hop), eat, sleep and repeat. I have a strong passion for (free) FOOD. I enjoy reading, music, outdoor/road trip/ food adventures, especially spontaneous ones. I absolutely love exploring new places, and planning to travel and study abroad.

I'm excited and looking  forward to meeting you soon!

Hey guys, I’m Jacqueline! I am in my second year of Biomedical Science. I was a Centaurus member last year and loved it so much that I’ve returned. I enjoy playing tennis, watching TV shows and sewing. Some of the highlights of being in a non-res college last year were meeting new people and attending the super fun events.

I’m looking forward to another fantastic year here with everyone!

Hi guys, my name is Jess and I'm a third year Radiography student. I have loved being a member of the college for the past two years and look forward to being an advisor and meeting you all!

I love watching movies, reading and playing netball, so if you're interested in joining the mixed netball team you'll see me quite a bit this year!

Hi my name is Keisha, and I'm in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Science majoring in Developmental Biology and Physiology. I love learning foreign languages, reading, and singing in the kitchen when no one is around. I really enjoyed my time in the Non-Res Colleges over the last two years, with making new friends being my highlight.

I love to talk, and if you ever need anyone to chat with, feel free to message me or we can catch up on campus!

Hello all, I'm Matthew. This will be the second year of my engineering / commerce degree and will be my first year as a college advisor. I was a part of the non-residential colleges last year and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to get more involved. I am originally from Australia but have spent most of my life overseas living in the States. One of my greatest passions is Brazilian Jujitsu. It's something that I have been doing for many years now and which always makes me feel great. I love the outdoors and camping with friends, especially when the trip involves late night philosophical discussions around a campfire.

Hey friends, I'm May, and I'm in my third year of Biomedical Science/Engineering. I really like watching TV shows so if you ever want to have an in depth discussion about how Daenerys deserves to be on the Iron Throne, just hit me up and we can waste precious study time together.

Other than that, let's make 2017 Centaurus's year.

Hi I'm Menake, I go by many nicknames, hopefully some members this year can land one that sticks and one that I like! I love to have a laugh, I have many favourite TV shows, play the odd video game, enjoy a good book when I get the chance. Even though I'm into my fourth year of my Civil Engineering and Commerce degree, I also have an interest in current/political events which is fueled by my love of interesting documentaries. The reason why I've taken part of the NRC is so that I can make my uni life full of great memories and the best way to do that it is by making great friends.

So if you see me around give me a shout, or a tap on the shoulder if we're in the library!

Hello! I'm Michael and I am in my second year of Bachelor of Computer Science. I have been part of Centaurus for one year so far and this year I have become an advisor! I love sport, particularly basketball, and can often be found shooting hoops down at Monash Sport. I also play a fair bit of video games as well!

I enjoy meeting new people, so if you want to chat feel free to say hi to me!

Hi there! I'm Nyah and I'm studying a Master of International Development Practice. I love music, photography, eating and watching movies. I've never been part of the Colleges before, so this will be a whole new and exciting experience for me.

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and being part of such a great community in 2017!

Hello Everyone! I am Prathu and I study a double degree in Science and Education with Honours. I enjoy bike riding, skateboarding, and also indoor stuff like chess, cards, etc. Being at Monash for two years, has shown me that the university is much more than just studying all the time. We welcome you to the non-residential colleges at Monash to make your university experience something that you will always remember. See you in 2016!

Hey there! My name is Queenie and I'm currently a third year Commerce student. Accounting and Finance are my majors. I love watching movies, listening to music, playing sports and camping. Recently, I'm really into skating (can't do tricks tho hahaha). I like to keep myself busy that's why I also have part time work.

I'm so excited to be your college advisor. Let me know if you need any help. I am more than happy to give you a hand. Can't wait to meet you all!

Hey, I’m Senuri and I am a third year science student. I’m doing an extended major in immunology. I love TV and movies so if you have any recommendation let me know. I also love reading a good book and chocolate.

I enjoy meeting new people and talking so don’t be afraid to come up and talk to me :) I look forward to meeting you all around campus!

Hi guys! My name's Simran and I'm going onto my 3rd year of Science. I spend most of my time eating chocolate but I also love watching sci-fi shows, reading, dancing, playing sports and chilling at the beach with friends. Looking forward to meeting you, I can tell it's going to be an epic year!

PS: Don't hesitate to say hi if you see me around campus and get some chocolate (if I haven't already eaten it all).

Hey there, I am Yan. I am currently in my fourth year studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science double degree. That is the boring bit, otherwise I enjoy video games (especially games like League of Legends), recreational calisthenics, water sports and getting to know new people.

I am very excited to be an advisor and I will do everything I can to make being part of a college as fun and enjoyable for you as it has been for me.