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Monash University Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) welcomes you to Monash University. Our policy is to provide all staff with a safe and healthy workplace.

You are required to complete the following two mandatory inductions: The Online OHS induction and the Local Area OHS induction to give you the information you need to know about the structure of OHS management at Monash University.

Online Induction

The Online OHS Induction program aims to give you an overview of occupational health and safety policy, procedures and practices at Monash University and an understanding of your safety responsibilities.

To ensure that completion of the OHS induction is recorded correctly, please log in using your staff authcate username and password. Please do not use your student account, external account or role account if you happen to have one, as the completion of the induction will not be recorded and you will be required to repeat it.

If you have completed this training as a student in the last 3 years, please provide your student ID number along with your staff ID number to Staff Development Unit and they can roll the training over to your staff record.

The OHS induction requires questions to be answered correctly throughout the program before continuing to the next section. You will only be recorded as having finished the OHS induction upon successful completion in its entirety.

NOTE: Staff will not receive email confirmation upon completion of the online induction.  However you can check if it has been successfully recorded by running a "My Monash Training Qualifications" report from ESS, 24 hours after completing the training.

Start the induction

This induction can be viewed either on a desktop computer or an iPad.  You cannot access this via a mobile phone.

The SAVE & EXIT function in the induction is currently not operational. Please complete the induction in one sitting. This functionality will be reinstated shortly. Thank you for your consideration.

Transcript for the induction videos (pdf 238kb)

Local Area Induction

After completing the Online OHS induction you will be required to complete a local area induction. This process completes the induction program by ensuring that you have the most accurate information specific to the building and work area/s that you will be working in. Your supervisor (or their delegate) is required to deliver this induction, more information is available at OHS Local Area Induction.