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Why Open Day?

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We let you choose when and how to specialise

We give you the freedom to study the way that suits you best. If you have a very specific career focus, you can specialise from your first day of uni. Alternatively, you can study a range of subjects and choose a major later in your degree. Or do both, with a double degree.

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We help you become a global citizen

With international campuses and research centres, partner universities, and exchange agreements with more than 100 universities all over the world, we make it easy to study abroad as part of your degree. You could polish your Mandarin in China, teach literacy with Oxfam in South Africa, or study art in Italy. You won’t need to pay extra university fees, and we offer a range of travel scholarships and interest-free loans to help you fund your trip.

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We make you career ready

The world’s top CEOs love Monash graduates (Global Employability University Rankings, 2014). We build soft skills, like communication and analysis, into our degrees to make you more employable and flexible in your career. So in addition to our standing as one of the best universities in Australia, and top 1% of universities worldwide, you can rest assured that after you leave Monash, you’ll be primed for your future and ready to hit the ground running.

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Double your options with a double degree

You can combine your ambition and your passion with a double degree. (We call it ‘one for the mind, and one for the heart'.) Because a subject in one course can count as an elective in the other, our double degrees take two years less than if you studied the two courses at the same time. Also, in an Australian first, all Monash four-year specialist degrees lead to an honours degree. Once you have an honours degree, you can generally complete a master’s degree in the same discipline in just one extra year.

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We have one of Australia’s most generous scholarships programs.

We don’t believe personal or financial hardship should hold anyone back from a first-rate education. We offer over 200 scholarships for academic excellence and to compensate for disadvantage. Some scholarships combine both. And most are available for the whole of your degree. Plus, if you meet the eligibility criteria, the Monash Guarantee and the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) can help you access and succeed at Monash.

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Jenny's advice

Jenny's advice

Hayley's advice

Hayley's advice

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Dilini Tilakaratna

Commerce and engineering student Dilini will be roaming the Clayton campus on Open Day. “Explore as much of the university as you can,” says Dilini. “There’s so much to do throughout the entire day.” She recommends you speak to current Monash students. They can help with questions that relate to uni life, what choosing courses was like for them, and transitioning into uni from high school.

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Michael Quach

Visiting the Clayton campus? Look out for Michael Quach. “Open Day welcomes all prospective students and families to explore the wonders of Monash University,” says Michael. “It’s wonderfully inviting, with events held all across campus and amazing staff and students always happy to help.”

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Fun facts

Australia’s largest range of courses to choose from.

2770 students studied abroad as part of their degree in 2014.


Monash is in the top 1% of universities worldwide.

More than 10,000 of us study all or part of our course via flexible modes such as online learning.

With a double-degree course you study towards two degrees at the same time.

Getting there

Caulfield Campus

Caulfield campus

Sunday 2 August

Clayton Campus

Clayton campus

Sunday 2 August

Peninsula Campus

Peninsula campus

Saturday 1 August

Click the buildings to see more details

Caulfield campus

Address: 900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield East VIC 3145
Phone: (61) 3 9903 2000
  • Take the Cranbourne, Dandenong, Frankston or Pakenham lines to Caulfield Station. The campus is just across the road.
  • The number 3 tram from Swanston Street in Melbourne goes to Caulfield Station. The stop number is 57.
  • Both routes 624 and 900 stop at Caulfield Station
  • A free intercampus bus will run between Clayton and Caulfield all day.

Campus map (PDF) Campus maps
Click the buildings to see more details

Clayton campus

Address: Wellington Road & Blackburn Road, Clayton VIC 3800
Phone: (61) 3 9905 4000
  • Take the Dandenong, Pakenham or Cranbourne lines to Huntingdale Station. Then catch a 601, 630 or 900 bus to campus.
  • Routes 601, 630, 631, 691, 703, 733, 737, 742, 802, 804, 862 and 900 stop on the campus. Route 800 stops 500 metres from the campus.
  • A free intercampus bus will run between Clayton and Caulfield all day.

Campus map (PDF) Campus maps
Click the buildings to see more details

Peninsula campus

Address: McMahons Road, Frankston VIC 3199
Phone: (61) 3990 2 6011
  • The Frankston line stops at Frankston Station. Then catch a 775, 776, 782 or 783 bus to campus.
  • Routes 775, 776, 783 and 783 stop on the corner of Moorooduc and Hastings roads. The campus will be right in front of you.
  • A free shuttle bus service will operate between Frankston Station and Peninsula campus all day.

Campus map (PDF) Campus maps


What is Open Day

Open day is a chance for prospective students and their families to visit the campus, meet staff and students and decide if the university is right for them. We offer more than 500 activities and events across three campuses over two days. Wander around, soak up the atmosphere, and join activities that capture your attention. You'll find:

  • Students at information booths who'll answer your questions, give advice and explain what Monash is really like (no, we don't tell them what to say!)
  • Academics and other staff who can answer in-depth questions about courses, study areas, and careers
  • Researchers conducting hands-on demonstrations of their most interesting and innovative research
  • Student Services staff, who can tell you about everything from enrolment to graduation
  • Information about campus life, sport, clubs and support services
  • Tours, food, fun and much more.

Do I have to come for the whole day?

Of course not! Visitors can come anytime between 10am and 4pm. We have two open days – Saturday for the Peninsula campus and Sunday for the Caulfield and Clayton campuses. You can come to either or both and spend as much or as little time as you'd like

Is Open Day suitable for postgraduate students and those returning to study?

Yes. Although many of our Open Day visitors are in years 11 and 12, we love visitors who are thinking about returning to study or want to pursue further study and the program includes special events for postgraduate and mature age students. We also hold mature age information sessions and events for potential postgrad students throughout the year.

Can I bring family and friends to Open Day?

You sure can! Family and friends can come along to Open Day.

How do I get to the campus?

There are numerous travel options to get to any of our campuses. Scroll up the page to find out transport options for each campus.
There will also be free bus shuttles between Caulfield and Clayton campuses, and between Frankston station to Peninsula campus.

Should I attend more than one campus?

You don't have to, but if there are activities you're keen on attending on different campuses then it's easy to jump on a shuttle bus. Use the planner to ensure you see and do everything you want at the first campus before you visit the next campus.

Is there free car parking on campus?

Yes. On Open Day all parking is free of charge.

Do I have to use the online planner on this website?

No, but given there are more than 500 activities you could attend, it helps to be organised. The online planner allows you to get more out of Open Day. You can email it to yourself or print it so you can keep your plan in your pocket.

But, if you feel like staying flexible, just turn up and decide what to do on the day. We will have Open Day programs at each campus that detail all the activities and student ambassadors to point you in the right direction.

Can I change my plan?

Of course. Log back into our online planner using your first name, surname and email address to adjust your plan.

Is there anything I should do to prepare?

It's a good idea to make a list of questions. Apart from course specific questions, you might want to ask:

  • How does Monash help me get a job when I finish studying?
  • What's the benefit of a double degree?
  • Can I travel and study at the same time?
  • Are there leadership programs I can get involved with?
  • What are my accommodation options?
  • How much does university accommodation cost?
  • What scholarships and bursaries are on offer? Do I qualify?
  • What sports and other facilities does the university have? Are these free to use?
  • What student clubs could I join?
  • What are the main deadlines for applications? Are there other dates I need to remember?
  • Have I done the right VCE subjects (or other study) for the course I want to do?
  • I'm an international student. How will my experience differ from a domestic student? Is there a particular way I need to apply?
  • What are the fees for international students?
  • Are international students eligible for any scholarships or financial aid?
  • Are international students guaranteed university accommodation?
  • What special support services are available for international students?

Are all faculties at all campuses?

You'll find most faculties on campus during Open Day, but they generally promote the courses they offer on that campus. It's best to visit the campus where you'll be studying. Check out your preferred courses on to find out which campuses you should visit.

What do I do once I arrive on campus?

If you haven't printed a copy of the program, grab a hard copy once you're on campus. Look for staff members and student ambassadors dressed in blue Monash hoodies. (Handy hint: Don't wear a blue Monash hoodie to Open Day, or you're going to have a lot of VCE students asking you how the library works.)

Can I attend activities/presentations if I have not planned my day online?

Yes you can, although it's ideal to plan your day online so you're aware of everything on offer and don't miss out on any key events.

Can we poke around the student facilities?

Absolutely. Everything from libraries, lecture theatres, cafes, gyms, careers services and accommodation services are open. Wander around to find out what it's like being a Monash student.

Is there anywhere to eat on campus?

Yes, many areas on campus offer free food and drinks for visitors. Plus, each campus has cafes with plenty of food options.

How can I help my child get the most out of Open Day?

With over 500 activities across Caulfield, Clayton and Peninsula campuses, you can help your child by encouraging them to plan it out beforehand. Use our online planner to create a personal program for the day.

Should I come?

Please do! Parents and siblings play a crucial role in helping students plan for the future and many VCE students bring their parents. If your kids want to explore alone for a while, we have coffee.

How can I help my son or daughter find the right course?

Your child has to navigate an enormous range of choices on offer – probably a lot more than you did at their age. Traditional courses and industries have shifted, and the range of courses and opportunities is ever expanding. Start by sitting down with your child and asking some open-ended questions that encourage them to think about their passions, strengths and goals:

  • "What do you love doing most?"
  • "What are you best at?"
  • "Which careers appeal to you?"
  • "What would you like to achieve by the time you're 30?"
  • "Do you know what's on offer? It's not just about courses – what about study abroad opportunities, leadership programs, and recreational activities."
  • "Have you done, or are you doing, the right VCE subjects?"

Keep in mind that, these days, people tend to change career paths several times over their working life. Soft skills, like communication, negotiation and leadership, are as important as academic study. A Monash degree prepares graduates to be at the cutting edge of change in global workplaces.

Help your child write a shortlist. Make sure there are options if your child doesn't get into their first preference course or university. Open Day is a great opportunity to get some face-to-face time with the experts, who can explain what the course entails, and which careers it can lead to.

Can you help me understand all the terminology?

You and your child may well come across language you're unfamiliar with when you start investigating courses and universities. You can find a handy list of terms here.

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