Parking permits terms and conditions

Monash University roads and car parks are subject to the State traffic and parking laws, including the Road Safety Act and Road Rules (Victoria), and the university's own Parking Rules (as amended from time to time). These are applied to help ensure a safe and orderly environment.

Monash University campuses and car parks are under 24 hour/7 day video surveillance managed by Monash Security using closed circuit television, and may include vehicle licence plate recognition technology.

Your personal information is collected by us and on our behalf for the primary purposes of management of car parking on the campus and campus safety, including the prevention and detection of crime and misconduct. Other purposes of collection include traffic management and reporting purposes.

This information may be disclosed to contracted service providers of the University (eg, traffic management service providers), law and regulatory enforcement agencies (eg, VicRoads and Victoria Police), and where required or authorised by law.

If you do not provide your personal information you will not be able to purchase a permit to park in designated permit car parking spaces on campus. You have a right to access information that Monash University holds about you, subject to any exceptions in the legislation. For further information about privacy at Monash University please refer to the Monash University Privacy Procedure. If you wish to seek access to your personal information or inquiry about the handling of your personal information, please contact the University Privacy Officer by email at

The university does not accept liability for any damage, loss or injury arising in respect of any private vehicle on university property. This responsibility remains with the vehicle owner.

Paying for your permit


  • Online with Mastercard or Visa
  • Reserve a permit online and pay at Monash Connect within 3 days by Electronic payment (cash not accepted)


  • Online with Mastercard or Visa
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Reserve a permit online and pay at Monash Connect within 3 days by Electronic payment (cash not accepted)

Delivery of your permit

  • Permits will be mailed to your nominated postal address within 10 business days of receipt of payment.
  • Parking permits that are ordered online will not be available for collection from Monash Connect unless you are making an electronic payment (no cash). All permits are posted via an external mailing house.
  • If your permit is not delivered to your nominated postal address within 10 business days, you must submit an official statutory declaration to Monash Connect on your campus in order to have a replacement permit printed for you.

Availability of parking spaces

  • Whilst the university controls the numbers, types and locations of permits, no guarantee is given that a particular permit bay type will be available in any such location at all times. Parking is subject to normal user demand (first come). The responsibility for finding available authorised parking as always rests with the vehicle driver.
  • The university encourages the responsible parking of all vehicles. Vehicles found parked on university property contrary to the relevant legislation or rules may be issued with a parking infringement notice.
  • Monash University’s Clayton campus is undergoing significant improved infrastructure developments. As a result of the works, there will be reduced parking capacity on-campus, however there are off-campus blue permit and off-campus free car parks available. See the changes to parking at Clayton website for further information.
  • For Clayton RED parking permits. Please be advised that red parking has been relocated in some areas on campus. Refer to the (Clayton Map PDF) for further information on car park locations.
  • For Clayton BLUE parking permits. Please be advised that blue parking has been relocated in some areas on campus and there are now off-campus blue permit parking areas. Refer to the (Clayton Map PDF) for further information on car park locations.
  • For Clayton CARPOOL parking permits. All Clayton carpool parking has returned onto campus in 2016. Permits must be displayed on your dashboard to park in these car parks. Refer to the (Clayton Map PDF) for further information on car park locations.
  • For Caulfield with MRC (Caulfield Race Course) BLUE staff parking permits. At various times during the year, Caulfield blue parking will experience busy periods. Parking will be limited in the Guineas car park during the dates below. (Caulfield Map PDF)

* Caulfield race Carnival - Expect interruptions from early September to late October.

Proximity Card information

  • Parkville - Your Monash ID card needs to be programmed to gain access to the car park. Once you have purchased your permit, take your receipt of payment to the Security office G30, ground floor, Scott building, BLD 402 to receive access rights to the car park.

Displaying your permit

  • Note – The permit must be affixed to the windscreen.
  • Read the instructions carefully before peeling your permit off the letter.
  • Affix the label on the inside of the windscreen on the bottom left hand corner. Your parking permit MUST be affixed to the windscreen and clearly visible from outside the vehicle at all times when parking in Monash University car park permitted areas. Failure to do so may result in receiving an infringement notice (fine)
  • Permits should be affixed to the vehicle windscreen. If you wish to transfer the permit easily between vehicles, follow the instructions to ensure you peel the permit off the letter so it is transferable. You will need to pick up a plastic pocket for each vehicle that are available for collection from Monash Connect.
  • It is a breach of the university's discipline statute to copy (includes photocopy), alter, make and or use any representation of a university issued parking permit.
  • To prevent misuse, permits are numbered and vehicle type, registration and permit holder details are recorded. Should you wish to transfer your permit to another vehicle please notify the change of detail prior to doing so.

If you forget your permit

At Clayton campus you can collect a temporary day pass from Reception at 30 Research Way.

At other campuses you can collect a temporary day pass from the Security and Traffic Office at your campus.

Refunds, replacements and resale

Read the sign - avoid the fine

All our campuses are subject to Victorian traffic laws (Road Safety Act and Victorian Road Rules), so please obey the road rules and signs.

To proceed with your purchase of a parking permit, you must first read and agree to the above Terms & Conditions.