Purchase 2016 parking permits

Important parking permit information

  • If you have a 2016 parking permit these remain valid until 26 February 2017.
  • 2017 parking permits for all campuses will become available for purchase in February 2017. Exact dates for purchase will be provided closer to the date.
  • 2016 Green, Red, Blue and Carpool permits cannot be purchased after 21 December. Please use ticket parking or free parking at the Off-campus One (OC1) car park at Wellington Road/ Blackburn Road if at Clayton Campus.
  • 2016 Yellow, Contractor and VIP Blue permits are still available - see below.

Staff-only permits

2016 VIP blue permits

Honorary and adjunct staff can apply for this free permit and park in blue areas on all campuses.

Download the application form (PDF, 0.09 MB) and email to bpd.servicessupport@monash.edu.

2016 Yellow permits

Departments can pay for annual yellow and yellow day scratch (bundle of 10) permits from departmental or faculty budgets. You can park in yellow and blue areas on most campuses, but space is very limited at Caulfield. Annual yellow permits should not be purchased and used as a personal permit.

During the teach out period, when traveling to Gippsland current yellow annual and scratch can still be used in yellow areas.

Buy yellow permits


A$ (annually)

Annual yellow – all campuses


Yellow scratch – bundle of 10


Contractor and business-tenant permits

2016 contractor permits

These permits are for contractors and business tenants who work on our campuses. You can park blue parking spaces all day or yellow spaces for a maximum of 2 hours.

Download and complete the form (PDF, 0.03 MB) and email to bpd.servicessupport@monash.edu.


A$ (annually)

Annual contractor - all campuses


Day scratch contractor - all campuses
(only available in bundles of 10)


Free motorcycle and disability parking

Motorcyclists don't need a permit to park in a motorcycle area.

If you display a disability permit, available from local councils under the state-wide VicRoads scheme, you can park for free in a disability area.

Permit conditions

Permits allow you to park in specific areas on your home campus and aren't always valid on other campuses or in the same areas, so note any restrictions. Download the Monash University parking rules (PDF, 0.14 MB).

Our refunds, replacements and resales page also explains other important permit conditions.

Parking fines

All our campuses are subject to Victorian traffic laws (Road Safety Act and Victorian Road Rules), and the Monash University parking rules (PDF, 0.14 MB), so please obey the road rules and signs. To avoid a parking fine:

  • obey the signs where you park
  • check the time limits on metered spaces
  • display your parking ticket or permit clearly
  • only park in a permit zone that matches your permit type
  • only park motorcycles in motorcycle zones
  • don't park in spaces for the disabled without a disability permit.
  • don't copy, modify or falsify a parking ticket or permit
  • don’t park in loading zones unless you are entitled to do so, and then only for the prescribed period of time
  • if you drive to campus in different vehicles, put your permit in a clear plastic cover for switching between vehicles – you can get permit pouches from Monash Connect.

If you get a fine, you can't pay it on campus – read the back of your notice for payment options.

Update your existing details

If you already have a blue, red or green permit, make sure you update your vehicle details if they change.

Update your details