2nd International Conference on Polymyxins

The Polymyxin Jigsaw: More pieces put in place


After ICAAC/ICC 2015, we invite you to attend the 2nd International Conference on Polymyxins to learn of the latest achievements on all major aspects of the polymyxin antibiotics.

Colistin and polymyxin B are last therapeutic options for treatment of life-threatening infections caused by Gram-negative 'superbugs', namely Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter baumannii, and Klebsiella pneumoniae. Since the 1st International Conference on Polymyxins in 2013 (Prato, Italy), significant progress has been made in the clinical use and pharmacology of polymyxins, in particular PK/PD/TD and nephrotoxicity, and discovery of novel polymyxin-like antibiotics.

The conference program will feature cutting-edge presentations on a range of key topics. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we look forward to seeing the polymyxin community gather in San Diego in September 2015.

Prof Jian Li PhD
Chair, Organising Committee

Prof Keith Kaye MD, MPH
Deputy Chair, Organising Committee


The conference will be held at the ARE Spectrum Conference Center, 10996 Torreyana Road, San Diego, USA following ICAAC/ICC 2015.