Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Science

The Monash University Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science is, as the name suggests, a degree for aspiring pharmaceutical scientists, professionals who have expertise in the chemistry, biology and biotechnology required to design and develop medicines.

Reasons to become a pharmaceutical scientist

As pharmaceutical scientist, you’ll become responsible for improving human health and wellbeing by researching and developing treatments.

If you enjoy solving problems, love chemistry or biology, and want to improve human health, then a pharmaceutical science degree could be your calling.

Reasons to study at Monash

When you study in this field at Monash you:

  • Benefit from small class sizes and a practical, focused curriculum
  • Learn on industry-standard equipment and are prepared to work in a lab from the moment you graduate
  • Can take advantage of the faculty’s exceptional connections with industry
  • Prepare to work in what is one of the most valuable high-tech industries in the state: medical research - and specifically drug development
  • Join a faculty whose graduates and researchers save lives and change the world with their work and discoveries

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