Undergraduate Pharmacy

The work of pharmacists changes people’s lives for the better. And it has done for centuries.

But the profession is facing a combination of challenges the likes of which it has never seen before: an ageing global population, increasingly complex and personalised medicines, as well as a move towards team-based ‘integrated’ healthcare.

With those challenges comes the need for new thinking - from the next generation of practitioners and from those who teach them.

We are preparing the students of today for tomorrow’s world of medicine, demography and healthcare. One of the ways we’re doing this is by launching a new course, the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) / Master of Pharmacy, which is progressively replacing the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons).

The new degree

The skills and knowledge you'll need for the new and demanding world of health and medicine can no longer fit inside a bachelor-sized container. This is the reality that has brought about the Monash Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)/Master of Pharmacy.

Same duration, higher qualification

Every pharmacy degree in Australia offers a five-year pathway to registration as a pharmacist. Our pathway takes the same amount of time start to finish, but instead of graduating with one degree, you’ll graduate with two: a master as well as a bachelor (with honours). In other words,  you’ll have an advantage over every other pharmacy graduate in the country.

And the fifth year of the course entails an internship, so not only do you get valuable work experience, you also get paid for it.

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