Single units

Enrolling in single units is an alternative to studying an entire postgraduate course. Health professionals wishing to improve and deepen particular skills in their current profession can study units in clinical pharmacy, pharmacy practice and wound care.

Important notes

Single-unit enrolments don't count towards a Monash University degree, so you don't receive an award after completing your study. But you can get an academic transcript of your results.

You receive permission for single-unit study for specific units for one semester only. We can't guarantee a subsequent enrolment.

Single-unit enrolments are available on a fee-paying basis only.

Single-unit study may earn credit toward subsequent enrolment in an award course.

Areas of studyUnits available
Clinical Pharmacy

PGC5001 Evidence based practice
PGC5002 Patient data and pharmacotherapy 1*
PGC5003 Patient data and pharmacotherapy 2*
PGC5004 Patient data and pharmacotherapy 3*
PGC5005 Journal club
PGC5007 Introduction to clinical research
PGC5010 Infectious diseases pharmacotherapy

*Applicants should be registered as a pharmacist by the Pharmacy Board of Australia and working in a clinical setting in an Australian Hospital.

Pharmacy PracticePGP9011 Applied pharmacy practice 1
PGP9012 Applied pharmacy practice 2
PGP5013 Dermatology
PGP5014 Clinical educator preparation
PGP5015 Geriatric pharmacy practice
PGP5016 Geriatric disease state management
PGP5017 Mental health
PGP5018 Palliative Care
Wound CarePGW5101 Biology of wound healing
PGW5102 Wound assessment
PGW5103 Wound dressings
PGW5104 Management of acute wounds
PGW5105 Management of chronic wounds
PGW5106 Systemic medication and wound healing
PGW5108 Nutrition in wound healing
PGW5109 Dermatology
PGW5111 Alternative therapies
PGW5112 Scar management
PGW5113 Non-healing ulcers and pain management
PGW5116 Diabetic foot
PGW5122 Advanced clinical practice in wound care
PGW5123 Management of burns
PGW5126 Clinical risk management and wound care
PGW5130 Pressure injury prediction, prevention and management

Entry requirements

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • a bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in pharmacy, podiatry, medicine, nursing or related health discipline
  • professional registration
  • english language requirements
  • where specified in unit outlines, you must provide evidence of meeting unit prerequisites.

Nurses: Division 2 Registered Nurses are not eligible. Division 1 Registered Nurses who do not have a degree but can demonstrate extensive relevant clinical experience will be considered for admission.

How to apply

Applicants must complete a single unit application form and provide the following documentation:

  • curriculum vitae (CV), comprehensive and current employment history, including two referees, who can be contacted over the application period
  • academic transcripts. (certified copy)
  • proof of professional registration
  • proof of residency status, for example, a certified copy of your visa or Australian birth certificate, passport or citizenship certificate
  • proof of English language requirements
  • where specified in unit outlines, you must provide evidence of meeting unit prerequisites.

Mail all documents to:

Postgraduate Coursework Manager
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Monash University
381 Royal Parade
Parkville Victoria 3052 Australia

Closing dates

Semester 1 applications – end of January each year.
Semester 2 applications – end of May each year.