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Academic Quality and Standards

Academic Programs Offered from Multiple Campuses Policy


To set out requirements for the provision of multi-campus coursework programs.


This policy applies to all courses and units offered from more than one campus and to courses and units that are offered concurrently in both on campus and off campus mode. For the purposes of this policy, off campus mode is treated as a campus.

Assessment aspects of this policy also apply to Monash courses and units conducted through Open Universities Australia.

Policy Statement

Courses that are offered from several campuses
Where a course is offered from more than one campus, a course management group, with representation from all campuses involved in offering the course and its relevant academic units, will oversee the delivery of the course, as well as any campus specific variations. The course management group will be responsible for ensuring the equivalence of academic standards and learning requirements across campuses.

Units that are offered from more than one campus
Where a unit is offered from more than one campus, a unit management group comprising key teaching staff from all locations involved in offering the unit will ensure that assessment tasks and standards are equivalent across all locations.

Supporting procedures

Academic Programs Offered from Multiple Campuses Procedures

Supporting guidelines

Academic Programs Offered from Multiple Campuses Policy Faculty Implementation Guidelines and Checklist

Responsibility for implementation

University wide – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Faculty wide – Deans, Associate Deans (Education), Heads of Departments/Schools, Chief Examiners



Key Stakeholders

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Quality)
Pro Vice-Chancellors responsible for Monash campuses
Associate Deans (Education)

Approval body

Name: Academic Board
Meeting: 7/2011
Date: 23-November-2011
Agenda item: 17.5

Endorsement body

Name: Education Committee
Meeting: 6/2011
Date: 02-November-2011
Agenda item: 13.9


Course: The accumulation of units, according to a set of rules, that leads to the award of one or more qualification (eg Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering).

Unit: A component of a course of study which is taught and examined as a discrete entity but does not include a thesis for a higher degree by research which is governed by regulations of the Research Graduate School Committee. A unit is represented by a single unit code.

Legislation Mandating Compliance

All relevant legislative instruments that stipulate requirements with which members of the Monash community (all of whom are subject to the law) are obligated to comply.

Monash University Act 2009
Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations Parts 2 and 3
Monash University (Council) Regulations Part 4
Monash University Statute
Assessment Regulations

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Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)


Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Quality) – University Policy

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