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Academic Programs Offered from Multiple Campuses Policy

The Faculty Implementation Guidelines and Checklist has been developed with reference to identified related policies and the following procedures to assist faculties in the implementation of the Academic Programs Offered from Multiple Campuses Policy.

Definition of terms

ATAR: Refers to the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank of a person as calculated by a tertiary admissions centre or other authorized body.
Award: a degree, diploma, certificate of the University that is conferred on a student by the University Council.
Course: The accumulation of units, according to a set of rules, that leads to the award of one or more qualification (eg Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering).
Home campus: Except if a student is admitted as an external student, the student is admitted to a course offered on a particular campus, which is referred to as the student’s home campus.
Major (also referred to as ‘Specialisation’): The focal area of study undertaken in a degree. In some faculties the major may be highly structured, with requirements of units to be completed in a specific discipline area, while other faculties define their majors more in terms of credit points and level of units.
Multi-campus unit: A unit which is offered from more than one campus.
Prerequisite: A requirement which must be satisfied before a student is permitted to commence undertaking a unit.
Unit: A component of a course of study which is taught and examined as a discrete entity but does not include a thesis for a higher degree by research which is governed by regulations of the Research Graduate School Committee. A unit is represented by a single unit code.

Study from more than one campus

1. Where a course requires students to study from more than one campus, this requirement will be communicated clearly to students at the time of their admission and in all course marketing materials.

2. To assist with the management of resources across the campuses, limitations on cross campus unit enrolments may mean that:

2.1 enrolment in a major or minor sequence may be restricted to students whose home campus is the campus at which the sequence is offered;

2.2 enrolment in quota restricted units may be limited to students whose home campus is the campus at which the unit is offered; and

2.3 enrolment in units involving projects, field trips, internships, work experience, professional practice, teaching practice and clinical practice may require students to enrol in the unit at their home campus.


University wide – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Faculty wide – Deans, Associate Deans (Education), Heads of Departments/Schools, Chief Examiners.

Courses that are offered from several campuses

3. Where a course is offered from more than one campus:

3.1 it will have the same title and lead to the same award at all campuses;

3.2 an appropriately resourced course management group will be established under a course director appointed by the dean of the managing faculty, with representation from all campuses involved in offering the course and the relevant academic units. This group will oversee the operation of the course across all campuses;

3.3 there will be equivalent course admission prerequisites, including credit transfer arrangements, at all campuses;

3.4 the course eligibility score for Year 12 entry to an undergraduate course, will be identical for all campuses. Equivalence criteria apply to entry qualifications which are not included in the ATAR;

3.5 the ATAR, or equivalent, required for undergraduate admission is subject to Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations Part 2, Section 7.4 - Minimum Requirements for Admission to Courses of Study.

3.6 it will have an identical course code, requirements and length across all campuses;

3.7 variations in the range of major and minor sequences and the specialisations offered may be desirable to enhance the development of the campus academic portfolio, differentiate campus offerings within the same market or meet national regulatory requirements;

3.8 all variations will be clearly articulated in all course marketing materials applying to the same markets;

3.9 the sequencing of units may vary across campuses, provided that they are consistent with pre-requisite requirements and do not restrict student progression;

3.10 offering the same units in different semesters from different campuses may provide students on all campuses with more options for cross-campus study; and

3.11 not all elective units are required to be offered from each campus.


University wide – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Faculty wide – Deans, Associate Deans (Education), Heads of Departments/Schools, Chief Examiners.

Units offered from more than one campus

4. Where a unit is offered from more than one campus:

4.1 the unit code will be identical at all campuses;

4.2 there will be only one unit guide for all campus unit offerings, except as permitted by the Unit Guide policy and procedures.

4.3 campus specific variations of examples, case studies, texts, references and other learning resources is on the advice of the relevant unit management group and with the approval of the Chief Examiner;

4.4 all campuses will use the same learning management system unless otherwise approved by the relevant Associate Dean (Education); and

4.5 the Chief Examiner will establish and appoint a chair to a unit management group involving key teaching staff from all campuses involved in offering the unit to ensure that:

4.5.1 unit assessment is conducted in accordance with the Assessment in Coursework Programs policy and the Unit Assessment procedures;

4.5.2 there is appropriate communication between the teaching staff at each campus; and

4.5.3 the teaching resources are comparable between the campuses, and are shared between the campuses where relevant.


University wide – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Faculty wide – Deans, Associate Deans (Education), Heads of Departments/Schools, Chief Examiners.

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