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Non-Award Study Policy


To provide a framework for non-award study of units from award courses.


All campuses
All faculties
All students

This policy covers single unit enrolments and faculty certificates. Other types of non-award study, such as cross-institutional study, study abroad, student exchange and enhancement studies, are not covered by this policy.

Policy Statement

Where resources allow, faculties may offer non-award study for purposes of staging alternative entry pathways, engaging with community and industry and providing personal and professional development.

All non-award students must be enrolled and have their details entered on the student information system.

Non-award study undertaken as a single unit enrolment may be either assessed or non-assessed. Non-award study that is non-assessed cannot be used for purposes of admission or credit transfer. Faculties may grant credit for non-award study that is assessed, and such study may contribute towards a student’s admission by a faculty to an award course.

Supporting procedures

Non-Award Study Procedures

Supporting guidelines


Responsibility for implementation

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Associate Deans (Teaching)
Faculty Managers



Key Stakeholders

Student Administration and Systems

Approval body

Name: Academic Board
Meeting: 3/2009
Date: 17-June-2009
Agenda item: 15.2

Endorsement body

Name: Education Committee
Meeting: 2/2009
Date: 29-April-2009
Agenda item: 5.3


Assessed study: Assessed study is study in which a student is required to complete assessment tasks as published in the relevant University handbook for that unit, and for which a grade and/or mark is recorded on the student information system.

Non-assessed study: Non-assessed study is study in which a student does not complete assessment and for which a non-assessment notation is recorded on the student information system.

Non-award study: Non-award study is any unit or units of study that could be undertaken as part of a course leading to a higher education award approved by Monash University Council, but which is not undertaken as part of such a course. Non-award study includes faculty certificates, single unit enrolment (assessed and non-assessed), incoming cross-institutional study, incoming study abroad, incoming student exchange, and enhancement studies. (See also Scope, above).

Cross Institutional Study: A program of study comprising a unit of study or a set of units of study which is being undertaken at one Higher Education Provider (the "host" higher education provider) as part of an award course or an enabling course for which the student is enrolled at another higher education provider (the "home" higher education provider). Incoming cross-institutional students are classified as non-award.

Exchange Study: The reciprocal exchange of a student with an overseas student, which is covered by a formal agreement between Monash University and an overseas higher education provider, or between Australian-Malaysia-South Africa campuses of Monash University. The exchange allows both students to pay for their study under whatever fee arrangement applies to them in their home country. Incoming (non-Monash) exchange students are classified as non-award.

Study Abroad: Where a student undertakes study with an overseas higher education institution that counts as credit towards a course that they are enrolled in with Monash University. These students are not covered by an agreement between institutions and will typically pay fees set by the overseas institution while studying overseas. Incoming study abroad students are classified as non-award.

Enhancement Study: A program which enables high achieving Year 12 students to study a pair of first-year university level units while competing Year 12. Units are available from on campus at the University, off-campus at school centres or by distance education.

Legislation Mandating Compliance

All relevant legislative instruments that stipulate requirements with which members of the Monash community (all of whom are subject to the law) are obligated to comply.

Higher Education Support Act 2003
Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations Parts 2 and 3
Higher Education Provider Guidelines

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