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Unit Quotas Policy

Definition of terms

Unit-set: A unit-set comprises a list of units or rules which constitute a logical set of units. Unit-sets are used to define a student's nominated path of study, and include such concepts as majors, minors, strands, streams and lists.

Setting Unit Quotas

In determining the appropriate quota for a unit-set or unit, Deans will require:

  • the name of the unit-set or unit;
  • the number of enrolments, by unit-set or unit, for the previous three years;
  • the reason for the quota, such as restricted availability of suitably qualified staff, space, technical or other equipment; and
  • an indication of any previous quotas set in the previous three years.

Where a unit-set or unit is taught across multiple campuses, or employs multiple modes of teaching delivery, faculties may impose campus-specific or mode-specific quotas. In such cases, Deans must be provided with the rationale for the imposition of the category-specific quotas.



Publishing Quotas

  • Where a unit-set or unit has a quota imposed, this information, including when possible the number of the quota, is to be published as soon as practicable in suitable publicly available sources of course, unit-set or unit information;
  • The criteria employed in selecting students for admission to a unit-set or unit limited by a quota are to be published in the same way.



Enrolling in Quota-Limited Units and Unit-sets

  • Notwithstanding any imposed quota, all students for whom a unit is a core requirement must be able to enrol in that unit without impediment, subject to meeting any relevant progress constraints.
  • Students attempting to enrol in a quota-limited unit or unit-set must normally be notified of the outcome of their enrolment attempt at least one week prior to the commencement of that unit or unit-set in the case of on-campus learning, or one week prior to the last day to add off-campus learning units in the case of off-campus learning.
  • Students are to be notified by email to their Monash student email account of the outcome of their attempt to enrol in a quota-limited unit or unit-set.



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