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Sessional academic induction learning teaching procedures

Parent Policy

Education development framework policy

1. Faculties must ensure that all new sessional staff appointed undertake an induction program on university learning and teaching. Exceptions might be granted by the Associate Dean (Education) to those staff with previous teaching experience, or employed on an ad hoc basis.

2. The induction provided must be commensurate with the  skills and roles of sessional staff,  aligned with the Monash Sessional Training Essentials Program (STEP), and of at least a half-day duration.

3. A university induction program for sessional staff of not less than a half-day duration and based on selected topics in the Sessional Training Essentials Program (STEP) must be delivered each semester on each campus by the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor(Learning and Teaching)(OPVCLT) including Sunway Campus and South Africa Campus.

4. Faculties will normally deliver annually their own induction programs customized to the needs of the disciplines, but may direct their sessional staff to undertake the program delivered by OPVCLT instead.

5. On request, OPVCLT will provide guidance to faculties on developing faculty-based sessional induction programs.


Associate Deans (Education), Heads of schools/departments, Course Coordinators, OPVCLT

6. Prior to recruitment faculties/schools/departments must advise prospective sessional academic staff of the requirement to attend a half-day induction session.

7. Sessional staff will undertake the compulsory induction session as "other required academic activity".


New sessional staff, Heads of schools/departments

8. Associate Deans (Education) must report annually (at 3rd meeting of each year) in writing to the Learning and Teaching Committee on the numbers of sessional academic staff completing induction and being exempted from induction (including the grounds for being exempted).


Associate Deans (Education)

9. OPVCLT must maintain a dedicated website containing relevant resources and support information for sessional academic staff.  This website will be updated annually.

10. Faculties/departments/schools must provide dedicated intranet websites containing faculty-specific support information for sessional academic staff and a link to the OPVCLT site on sessional academic support and development.


OPVCLT, Associate Deans (Education)

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