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Student international travel for study policy

Student International Travel for Study Policy


The Monash University Student International Travel for Study Policy aims to encourage and facilitate students to gain overseas study experience through a variety of student mobility programs, and ensure that student travel is undertaken safely and supported by appropriate risk management procedures.


All enrolled undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate coursework students, at all Monash University campuses, undertaking international travel as part of a Monash course of study. Students undertaking higher degrees by research are covered by the Staff International Travel Policy.

Travel as part of a Monash course or unit includes; Student Exchange, Intercampus Exchange, International Study Tours and Field Trips, Overseas Practical/Clinical/Work Placements, Overseas Research Project, Overseas study and Study Abroad.

Policy Statement

Students enrolled at Monash and undertaking international travel as part of a Monash course, unit or program must seek appropriate approval before travelling, as described in the procedures.

Supporting procedures

Student International Travel for Study from an Australian Campus Procedures

Supporting guidelines


Responsibility for implementation

Faculties/Schools/Departments/Centres, Students, Monash Abroad (Australia), Student Services Unit (MUSCM), Advancement Division (MSA), Monash Research Graduate School



Key Stakeholders

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Globabl Engagement)
Deputy Vice-President (Advancement)
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Research Training)
Pro Vice-Chancellors (Malaysia & South Africa)
Associate Deans (Teaching)
Associate Deans (International)
Faculty Managers
Student representative organisations from all campuses.

Approval body

Name: Academic Board
Meeting: 5/08
Date: 03-September-2008
Agenda item: TBC

Endorsement body

Name: Education Committee
Meeting: 3/08
Date: 11-June-2008
Agenda item: 8.3


Conference/ Workshop Participation: Conference/workshop attendance is approved by a faculty/school and conducted at a venue overseas. Approved participation may imply the provision of credit toward a course.

DFAT: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

DFA (South Africa): Department of Foreign Affairs (Republic of South Africa)

Enrolled Student: Persons who are enrolled at Monash University for any course of the university or to pursue any subject or unit of the course for such a degree or diploma or who are between enrolments. The status of student is continuous until the person qualifies or fails to re-enrol or until the enrolment is discontinued.

Faculty Organised Program: A program of international travel for Monash students organised by a faculty.

Home Campus: For management of resources across the campuses, except if a student is admitted as an external student, the student is admitted to a course offered on a particular campus, which is referred to as the student's home campus.

Intercampus exchange: Participation in the inter-campus exchange program, when students undertake one or two semesters of full time study at a Monash campus which is located off shore from their home campus.

International Study Tours and Field Trips: Participation in short-term overseas activities which provide credit toward a Monash University degree.

MFA (Malaysia): Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Malaysia)

Non-Award Course: An academic course of study of varying length, normally not more than the equivalent of one semester full-time (eg faculty certificates). Non-award courses are normally designed to meet the needs of external clients, including the profession, industry and the community. The course may include units that are normally taken as part of award courses, and may articulate into award programs.

Overseas Practical/Clinical/Work Placements: Placements organised by individual faculties/schools in an overseas organisation to gain work or practical experience that provides credit towards a Monash University degree or fulfils a non-academic requirement of a Monash University degree.

Overseas Research Project: Research at an overseas location which is approved by a specific faculty/school and which provides credit towards the degree being undertaken by the student.

Overseas study: International travel that is part of a Monash course of study that includes credit, assessment, or participation in conferences or academic competitions.

Student Exchange: Program whereby a student participates in a formal exchange program arranged between Monash University and a non-Australian overseas higher education provider. The student pays fees to the home institution not to the host institution.

Study Abroad: An approved program of study at a host overseas higher education institution that counts as credit towards a course enrolled in with the home higher education provider. These students are not covered by an agreement between institutions and will typically pay fees set by the overseas institution while studying overseas.

Studying at a Monash international teaching location: Participation in a semester/ unit organised by a University faculty at a Monash teaching location such as the Prato Centre. See also Intercampus Exchange.

Legislation Mandating Compliance

All relevant legislative instruments that stipulate requirements with which members of the Monash community (all of whom are subject to the law) are obligated to comply.

Monash University Act 2009

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